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Car rental in Moscow > Car rental conditions and agreement

Car rental conditions and agreement

AvtoProfi company is interested in long and friendly relationships with its customers, therefore we guarantee the following standards of relations:

  1. Giving complete and accurate information about car rental costs, conditions and rental periods. Everything we say corresponds to the facts.
  2. Good condition of rental vehicles: we offer new vehicles for personal, commercial and official use.
  3. Travelling around Moscow and Moscow region with no restrictions according to the chosen rate.
  4. Resposibility of the company for vehicle condition: in case of problems with your car, the company provides a new vehicle or prolongs the rental period or recalculates the costs at customer’s will. If the problem has occurred beyond our capability to help - the company pays repair expenses to the service centre involved and spare parts costs under the order form.
  5. Telephone Helplines: in the event of an accident or problems with the traffic police, we could help how to deal with these situations.

Car rental conditions

  • The vehicle is operated on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region with a limit of 200 km a day.
  • Exceeding the fixed limit is paid by the customer at a rate of 5 / 7 / 10 / 20 roubles per km. depending on vehicle class
  • Driving outside Moscow region is paid once by the customer regardless of the rental period:
  • Adjacent regions 500 roubles
  • Regions next to adjacent regions — 1000 roubles
  • Throughout Russia — 1500-3000 roubles depending on the region
  • Supplementary power of attorney — 100 roubles per day
  • If you fail to return the vehicle in time (more than an hour) without the prior notification to the company, the vehicle is reported to the traffic police and the customer is imposed a fine of 1000 roubles per hour.
  • In the absence of any documents from the legal authorities about the damage caused to the company, you will be liable for all damage and must fully indemnify.
  • Fuel — at a rate of 40 roubles per litre
  • Car-washing — 500 roubles
  • Car dry-cleaning — 3000 roubles per one part of compartment
  • Optional rental equipment cost (GPS navigator, videoregistrator) — 100 roubles per day


  • You must be aged 27 or over to rent a car.
  • You must have held a driving licence for at least 3 years.
  • You must be registered in Moscow or Moscow region.

Required documents

  • A valid passport
  • A valid driving licence
  • Any of the documents listed: a military card, an international passport, a credit or debit card, an insurance certificate.
Note: Our company reserves the right to refuse to provide a car to any customer without explanation.

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