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Hyundai Solaris Sedan AT

Term 1-3 days 4-6 days 7-14 days 15-30 days 31+ WR* Unlimited mileage Deposit-Franchise*
Price 2530 2420 2310 2200 2090 7040 200 14000
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from 2090 roubles per day
Without deposit: 2508 roubles per day
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Hyundai Solaris Sedan AT to rent in Moscow

AvtoProfi provides its customers with services such as rental cars and more. Our special feature is rent of cars in Moscow, which are specially designed for those who like driving on Russian roads. This is the Hyundai Solaris. This car will bring you a lot of positive emotions and indelible impressions in a lifetime.

The Hyundai Solaris has a very good level of safety, for exapmle, there are 6 air bags, which give comfort to the rear and front passengers.

Safety cage and curtain airbags provide safety of European standards.

The safety belts with special seat-belt retractor provide comfort to anyone, even to the most timorous customers. If you collide with another car, the belts will tighten automatically and ensure the safety of all people in the car.

Such a service as rental cars is in great demand among beginners or people who do not have enough money to buy a new car or those who are looking for a change. The Hyundai Solaris is a great option for any class of people.

Hyundai’ stylish and sporty dashboard has a bright illumination, which provides the perfect reading of data in different weather conditions. This information is repeated by the signal of the trip computer, by the way. Another feature is that it will report about the amount of fuel in the tank.

Moreover, there is a great saving in fuel, the consumption is only 6 litres per 100 km. Despite this, the passenger compartment is spacious. It will fit 5 adults easily. The automatic climate control provides special comfort for each trip or journey.

It also has additional services on the steering wheel for comfortable control of the car. You can use your phone with Bluetooth support, volume control, audio system control for your convenience.

You’ll get used to this car quickly enough because of the system of showing images on the display in the cabin. It will also help to learn the skills of parking correctly.

If you have not bought a car yet for some reason, our company AvtoProfi will help you. Car rentals in Moscow, namely the Hyundai Solaris is a pleasure and comfort.

Hyundai Solaris Sedan AT rental cost without driver in Moscow

Minimum period is 1 day.
Cost in the price-list is in roubles per day and vary depending on a chosen period (the longer rental period-the lower the cost). All taxes are included.

Weekend Rate — weekend rate is valid from Friday 3 pm to Monday 12 pm with the limit of 500 km
Franchise is mandatory to pay in case you are officially found quilty of any damage to the vehicle or damage done by an unidentified third party

Version 1.4 AT (107 л.с.)

Fuel tank capacity
Engine type
Fuel type

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