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Hyundai Solaris hatch AT Grey

Term 1-3 days 4-6 days 7-14 days 15-30 days 31+ WR* Unlimited mileage Deposit-Franchise*
Price 2530 2420 2310 2200 2090 7040 200 14000
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from 2090 roubles per day
Without deposit: 2690 roubles per day
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We offer to rent the Hyundai Solaris Hatchback Grey with an automatic transmission in AvtoProfi. We guarantee you will feel comfortable and safe while driving the car.

Safety is of paramount importance.

The engineers of the Hyundai Solaris Hatchback AT take the driver and passenger safety seriously. That's why the car is equipped with six airbags that provide all-around protection for every passenger. There is one airbag in front of the driver and another one is in front of the front passenger seat. Two airbags are on the side of the driver and front passenger. Other airbags extend the entire length of the passenger compartment.

Modern technology makes driving comfortable

The car is equipped with Engine Start Stop Button and Smart Key. To start the engine, you just should push the button.

ABS to prevent the wheels from locking up during an episode of heavy braking

The Hyundai Solaris Hatchback AT is equipped with an anti-lock braking system that may be activated when you initiate hard braking. In the case of hard braking, anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking up and the vehicle from skidding out of control. ABS is especially relevant during the winter season.

Seatbelt pretensioners take all the heat

In a case of an accident, seat belt warning sensors detect the collision immediately and apply an opposite force to the driver and passengers to ensure maximum safety and prevent injuries.

Automatic Climate Control

Due to the climate control system, you do not need to adjust constantly the temperature sensor, air distribution in the cabin, etc. Turn on the desired temperature, and the system will automatically provide the most comfortable climate inside the car.

Supervision Dashboard

The Hyundai Solaris’s dashboard is equipped with a tachometer, speedometer, and condition monitoring sensors. Due to its white-and-blue backlighting, the driver can easily read all the information in any conditions. Also, all relevant information is both displayed on the screen and transmitted with sound signals. 

Hyundai Solaris hatch AT Grey rental cost without driver in Moscow

Minimum period is 1 day.
Cost in the price-list is in roubles per day and vary depending on a chosen period (the longer rental period-the lower the cost). All taxes are included.

Weekend Rate — weekend rate is valid from Friday 3 pm to Monday 12 pm with the limit of 500 km
Franchise is mandatory to pay in case you are officially found quilty of any damage to the vehicle or damage done by an unidentified third party


Fuel tank capacity
Engine type
Fuel type

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