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AvtoProfi fleet of cars

How to choose a rental car in AvtoProfi?

Avtoprofi provides car rental service without driver. Our fleet of cars has new and modern vehicles equipped with everything our customers need.

You can book a car of any desirable class (from economy to business class) of any different models and makes. All our rental vehicles are maintained and insured.

For corporate customers we provide cars for a long-term rent. And we have discounts for our regular customers as well.

You can choose a car to rent in our fleet of cars by tabs in the left menu or in the headline of rental car list following the links and choosing the tariff and carbody you need. When using the Search box, you can find a rental car by its name or other features entering letters in it. If you click on the link in the car rental list, you can see a file with brief car specifications and features. From there you can go to more detailed description or you can book a car pressing the button «Book».

Where to rent a car in Moscow?

For your convenience, there are several rental locations in different parts of Moscow. The head office of Avtoprofi is located in Yasenevo. For more details about rental locations nearby you can find in the section Locations in Moscow.

Our partner is GC Genser and we have special rental conditions and a simplified process of signing an agreement for Genser customers. Range of our services is expanding constantly to guarantee you adequate customer service.

Car rental conditions at Avtoprofi

Our company provides rental vehicles for people who have reached the age of 27 and held a driving licence for at least 3 years. The customer can drive around Moscow and Moscow region freely according to the chosen rate and driving outside Moscow region is subject to additional payment.

Attractive rates and easy methods of payment allow you to choose a vehicle for any taste. The vehicle can be given to you at the same time as the rental agreement with all necessary additions. Booking in advance reduces loss of time when picking up your vehicle and gives you an additional discount of 5 % booking online. You can book the vehicle you like by contacting us on th, 36e phone 8 495-505-504-1, directly on this website or in any AvtoProfi office. You must present: a valid passport, a driving licence and a third document proving your identity. You can pick up your car from one of our rental locations or any suitable place for you.

Enjoy your freedom of travelling around, we will take care of everything else!

To sort cars in the list by the rate and/or carbody — in the headline click on the link with the name you need.
To search a car, start entering its name or make/model (enough to enter a few letters in Russian or English languages) in the Search box.
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