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Car sharing in Moscow

Car sharing is an up-to-date service which allows to rent a car with by-the-minute or by the hour payment. It is frequently used for short trips around the city and it is a not very expensive and convenient alternative to public transport and to a taxi service. Such an effect can be achieved by companies which own a good fleet of cars and a lot of pick-up and return locations. Each year car sharing is becoming more and more popular not only abroad but also in Russia.

Nowadays there are more than 5 car sharing companies in Moscow, among them: Belkacar, YouDrive, Anytime, Delimobile, Car5.  


According to the specialists, there is going to occur a new tendency connected with reducing a number of private cars in big cities around the world, including Moscow. There are several reasons for that: a constant increase of maintenance cost of cars (increased number of paid parking lots and cost), increased transport taxes, an increased cost of insurance and other factors. However not all car owners are ready to use public transport. The solution of these problems might become car sharing – a short-term rent of any car you like.

How to use car sharing service? 

In order to become a client of any car sharing company in Moscow, you need to sign a contract, provide necessary documents (in most cases you need to provide a national driving license and a passport). After the contract has been signed, a new client has an opportunity to rent any car they like among those in the streets of the capital any time and for any period. Minimum rental period is not limited and can make up a few minutes.

After all bureaucratic formalities have been completed, the client chooses the nearest available car in a special app, book it, pressing the button on the display of the gadget. First 20 minutes are free in most car sharing companies. Within this time the client must get to the car and start a trip. If they do not have enough time to do this for any reasons, the payment for renting starts to write off from the client’s balance according to the company’s tariff.

Car sharing VS long-term rent

- Unlike most rental companies which provide long-term rental service, car sharing gives an opportunity to rent a car any time, any place (where cars are available) 24/7.

- In order to book, pick up and return a car, you do not need to contact a manager as all the actions are automotized.

- You choose the period you need a car for – for a few minutes or a few days.

- A great number of locations which are located in convenient places – near airport terminals, train stations, bus stations, metro stations.

- Car wash, insurance and fuel costs are included in the price.

- Many car sharing companies provide an opportunity of free parking in most airports of Moscow.

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Car rental in Moscow
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