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Car sharing from BelkaCar

BelkaCar company provides a short-term car rental service in Moscow and the Moscow region. Belkacar is an up-to-date car sharing company with a fleet of 380 cars.

If you move around the city by taxi or public transport a lot and you have a driving license but you do not own a car, we would recommend you to try car sharing service. The cost of 1 minute in Moscow is 8 roubles. At the same time you do not need to worry about anything: you get an insured car in good order with a full fuel tank in any place within MKAD.

Apart from the direct benefits for clients, the company solves other urgent city problems as, according to the statistics, one car sharing company can replace up to 10 private cars. Thus, every time you use car sharing service, we reduce a number of traffic jams in the city.

Car sharing benefits

Free parking

All parking lots are free for you: you can leave your car even in a paid parking lot without any additional charges.

Free fuel and car wash

Car wash and fuel are free. You pay only for a minute of using the rent. The rest –leave to BelkaCar.

Pay attention: wherever you go on a rental car from BelkaCar – work, bussiness meeting or shopping, your trip will be much cheaper than taking a taxi or a private car. You can rent a car 24/7 for any time period.

Prices for by-the-minute car rent





Per day, no more than

2 000 rub







Night waiting


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Car rental in Moscow
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