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Rent and try updated KIA Rio

Rent and try updated KIA Rio

Here's a review of the new KIA Rio – a beautiful car with good handling and a powerful engine. The car's dynamics are excellent. After restyling, the car got more interesting design.

The KIA Rio is a leader of sales. And there is a reason – consumers like its practicality, comfort, and equipment of this model.

The updated Rio strengthened the position of the model in the market. Let's rent a car without a driver to check it out.


During restyling, an appearance of the Korean car hasn't been changed. However, its design became more interesting. The front part of the body was changed. Now, it follows the general concept of the manufacture. Headlights got lenses and other reflectors. Their shape near the radiator grille was slightly changed. There are LED running lights on the new front bumper. It seems that changes are small, but they change the general perception of the car for better.


The interior has also been changed. There is a new three-spoke steering wheel (it can be regulated vertically), a new radio, and a new design of the air conditioner unit. The quality of finishing materials and assembly are excellent. There is heated wiper nozzles and heated windscreen. KIA promises to equip the Rio with a built-in navigation system shortly. However, you can already install a modern head unit with a color touch screen instead of an ordinary multimedia system with a monochrome display.

The driver's seat isn't very comfortable because it's tough. It unevenly distributes the body's weight. Therefore, the driver should constantly change their posture. The rear seat is narrow, so passengers taller 180cm will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, only two passengers can sit there. A trunk is big (500 liters), and there is the right loading area.

Driving performance

The KIA Rio is equipped with:

  • a 1.6-liter, 123bhp engine;
  • a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The car's dynamics are excellent, but this isn't a sports car. However, the engine's capacity is enough for active driving on city roads and highways. At low speeds, the engine behaves melancholically, but it shows its character at medium and high speeds. You can quickly overtake other vehicles and briskly maneuver on city roads. Its gearbox shifts the gears promptly and smoothly. There are no jerks at all.

In corners, stability is good, but there are small banks. Steering is sensitive, but not responsive enough. But the level of comfort is a bit low. A suspension can hardly overcome bumps, but absorbers protect the body from strong shocks while driving on bad roads.

The result of car rental without a driver

The Kia Rio was a magnificent car in the B segment even before restyling. But after restyling, the car became more interesting. Also, it got some useful options. This will help the Korean car to fight its competitors and raise its sales.

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