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Wonders of Ecuador, tips on car rent

Wonders of Ecuador, tips on car rent

Price: 30-120 euros per day. The price depends on the brand and rental duration.

Travelling in Ecuador can not be complete without visiting its capital, Quito. As Quito is at the top of the UNESCO list “ World Heritage”. It was included in this list in 1978.

The capital of Ecuador, Quito

The city looks very neat and clean. The greenery impresses. There are a lot of parks in Quito: fr om small ones where citizens come for lunch to big woods. The Parque Metropolitano is very picturesque, you can see wonderful views of the eastern part of the city. Drivers of the public transport remain calm. They follow the traffic rules carefully. The streets are quiet. Probably the elevation of 3 500 metres exerts an influence.

The Middle of the Earth

First thing to do is to visit a museum which is known as la Mitad del Mundo (the Middle of the Earth). They insist that the monument is located on the equator.however, there is a rival quite close to this museum. The founder of the museum insists that “the Middle of the Earth” is in their museum. To prove this they show an experiment to tourists: they drain water from a basin. It turns out if you drain water in the southern and northern hemisphere, it spins in different directions, but on the equator it flows without spinning.

We are shown one more proof that we are on the equator. When you are on the equator if a man clasps his hands and raises them high up in front of his head, even a weak woman can pull down his arms with relative ease. The same trick does not work if you are standing a few metres from the equator.

Путешествем по Эквадору

The Pululahua

One of the many wonders of Ecuador is the crater of the volcano. This dormant volcano is called the Pululahua. You should be very brave to dig in the ground wh ere in a year or two there will be fire . The world does not know any other examples like this. There is another wonder not far from the Pululahua — it is a lake situated in the crater of the Cuicocha volcano. Thousands of years ago when there was an eruption of the volcano, its top collapsed and the emerged emptiness was filled with water. There is no life in this lake. Volcanic gases are poisonous and destroy all living creatures underwater. The depth of this lake is 127 metres. There you can see floating boats with tourists.

The way to Cotacachi

Travelling further we got to the ethnic capital of the northern part of the equador — a small town Cotacachi. We were going to walk slowly in the streets with houses just like from fairy-tales admiring their colours and trying their national dish “carne colorado”. But instead of the tourist experience we have to go back to the capital because of the police strike. The town was in a mess: burning tyres, containers everywhere, no people in the streets. There were rumours about shootings. And it was said that there had been an attempt to assassinate the President Rafael Correa the day before.

Знакомство с Эквадором

In the evening we visited Independence Square to listen to the President’s speech. Not many people left their houses in such a time. The square was full of people waiting for the speech. The supporters were chanting slogans supporting Correa. The perimeter of the palace was being guarded by the soldiers of the Ecuadorian army who remain faithful what you can not say about the police.

The crowd started cheering when they saw Rafael Correa on the balcony. He made an assessment of the police actions without choosing his words carefully. For a quiet country, which Ecuador has been before, it was surprising. But after his angry speech a concert hosted by the locals began. The unrest was forgotten.

Ecuador left warm impressions and hope to return one day.

Tips on car rent in Ecuador:

  • Documents required: an international driving licence, a passport, a bank card.
  • Age: over 21 years old.
  • Price: 30-120 euros per day. The price depends on the brand and rental duration.

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