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What to Choose: Renault Logan or Chevrolet Cobalt?

What to Choose: Renault Logan or Chevrolet Cobalt?

Let’s compare the Renault Logan and the Chevrolet Cobalt: equipment, design, trunk. Which car would be better?

A decade ago Renault made a kind of revolution in the car market releasing the Logan. The car earned such popularity largely due to its main advertising slogan. It claimed that the Logan was not just quality, but also available to everyone.

Many other manufacturers tried to repeat its success, but almost everyone failed. Only the Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio came closer to the Logan’s success. It’s not enough to make a low-end car, it should be easily available. This applies to the maintenance and inexpensive parts for repair. Moreover, it should reliably serve its owner.

This year the new version of the beloved Renault Logan arrived in the market. The car has got a more modern appearance and “filling”. Also, it has become much more available. The claimed price is 355,000 roubles. Other companies don’t have such a model. The car will be quite simple on the technical side. It doesn’t have any electric windows, gain booster, air conditioning and lighting in the trunk. We tested a well-equipped model, the Luxe Privilege. For comparison, we will consider one of its competitors, the Chevrolet Cobalt.

Car Design

Design is a very subjective thing: some people like the car’s appearance, some don’t. The more objective factor is the index of its sales. It's not a secret that people choose the car not only because of its price and filling, but also because of its appearance. The new Logan has a stylish and modern design.

Its interior shows that the manufactures tried to make the car as accessible as possible. The proper combination of conventional chromed and lacquered plastic makes the interior interesting and pleasant. The touch screen monitor of the navigation system is installed in the cabin, but the electronics look low quality and inexpensive. There is cruise control and climate control which was most likely borrowed from the more expensive model. The interior design of the Chevrolet Cobalt looks more simple and a bit outdated. The LCD display and semicircle of the tachometer looked very stylish 15-20 years ago, but now it reminds us of the “harsh 90s”. The quality of plastic in the cabin is poor. At the same time, the creators worked well on the car’s comfort.

Technical Characteristics

Trunk volume. The buyers of inexpensive cars often pay attention to the trunk volume. In this case, the Chevrolet has a preponderance. In the Cobalt, the trunk capacity is 545 litres, while the Logan has 510 litres. Talking about usability, the Logan wins because the protruding wheel arches occupies part of the trunk in the Cobalt.

Fitting. The Chevrolet Cobalt’s fitting is quite high. But there is no armrest, so the right hand has no support. We can say the same about the Renault, but you don’t feel the absence of an armrest, because your right hand comfortably rests on the gearbox handle.

Dynamics. It’s quite difficult to compare these cars in this regard. The Logan is equipped only with a MT, while the Cobalt which we tested has a 6-speed AT. It’s a major advantage over the Logan. The AT works quite well, with no bumps. With a 1.5-litre, 105bhp engine, the Cobalt beats the Logan with a 1.6-litre, 102bhp engine.

To summarize

Advantages of the Renault Logan

  • Wide range of equipment;
  • Well worked suspension;
  • Spacious cabin;
  • Low-cost maintenance and repair;
  • Low-cost interior trim materials.

Disadvantages of the Renault Logan

  • Low power engine;
  • Low dynamics.

Conclusion: The new Renault Logan hasn’t changed much compared to its predecessor. However, due to the low price, it’s still attractive as a budget family model or as a “workhorse”. We should also mention the well worked suspension and great behaviour on the road.

Advantages of the Chevrolet Cobalt

  • Good dynamics;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • Large trunk.

Disadvantages of the Chevrolet Cobalt

  • Interior;
  • Expensive maintenance and repair.

Conclusion: For this class, dynamics and AT are not the determining factors. In general, the Cobalt is a car for an amateur.

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