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Car rental to travel to Tyrol

Car rental to travel to Tyrol

We decided to travel to Tyrol by a rental car. This is a historical region in the Eastern Alps. There are plenty of ski resorts and cosy villages in the mountains. This picturesque region is famous for many attractions and excellent ski slopes.

There are two opinions about Austria. The first one is about secular Vienna which is the capital of opera. The second one is about snowy Tyrol, which is a very interesting place for traveling.

Car rental on the islands

It's easy to rent a car in Austria. You have to present:

  • international driver's licence and passport;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.

Roads and rules

Roads in the country are excellent. Rules are European. Speed ​limits:

  • in the city - 50kmph;
  • outside the city - up to 100kmph;
  • on highways - 130kmph (but not lower than 60kmph).
Взять в аренду автомобиль для путешествия по Тиролю

Residents of Tyrol drive carefully and never break the rules.

We started our journey from Innsbruck. This city is the former capital of two Winter Olympics. The main tourist attraction is a market square. You can also see the Alps from a distance.

We first drove to the Ziller valley. There is a big complex of ski resorts. Local colourful landscapes are breath-taking. You'll get unforgettable memories in this valley. Then we moved to Lake Achen. This lake is surrounded by mountain ranges with forests and snowy peaks.

The Christlum ski resort is located north of the lake. From the top, you can see breath-taking views of gorges covered with dense forests.

Взять в аренду автомобиль для путешествия по Тиролю

On the way back, we visited the Schwartz mine. This is a silver mine of the XV century.

Coming closer to Innsbruck, we drove on the shore of the Veerbah river (German «Bach» means «stream») and visited the Terfens village. There is an upside-down house.

Then we visited the Stubai Glacier to see the power of the glacial peaks. Clear sky, white snow, and green forests are all you need to feel happy at that amazing place. On the way back, we stopped at the bank of the Shmirnbah river. You can even drink its water. While coming back to Innsbruck, we enjoyed local towns and villages along the road.

Due to renting a car without a driver, you can explore the west. We visited the Vaysburg Castle, a fortress of the XIII century, and the Paznaun valley, a ski resort, and some lake. The Pitztal valley is located near the foot of Hinterera Brunnenkogelya, which is the main peaks of Austria. This is an area of year-round outdoor activities.

Взять в аренду автомобиль для путешествия по Тиролю

We moved Lake Heiterwang See from Innsbruck passing the Castle Weisberg. It's located in the narrow gorge, and we spent the whole day there. Local panoramic views are really impressive! While driving closer to the border between Austria and Germany, we saw the fast Neyalmbah mountain river. It flows from a height of 2 km creating a cascade of small waterfalls.

The Arhbah river is located near Garmisch-Panterkirhenu. This is a surprisingly calm river. You can see mountains reflecting in its smooth surface.

We drove to the Koehler Ex tourist area to get fresh air. There are forests and green meadows on the slopes. Make sure to enjoy beautiful views of local gorges and cliffs. Tourists ski here in winter and go hiking in summer.

Then we drove to Kitzbuhel to see the slalom runs of the World Cup. We also visited Tyrol. This is a very quiet place with stunning mountain views. But when the best skiers come here, this place looks completely different.

At the end of our journey, we visited Seefeld and Längenfeld.

Seefeld is a beautiful valley with a castle on some hill. Two running competitions of the Winter Olympics took place in local dense forests and valleys. The slopes of the mountains are suitable for skiing. The total​ length of the route is 200km.

Längenfeld is a small village with ski slopes for those who aren't good in skiing. There are also hot springs and a large wellness complex.

After the trips around Tyrol, we realized that this place is perfect both for skiing and driving by a rental car. Enjoy beautiful views of local mountains, forests, snowy peaks, and colourful lakes!

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