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Rent car to explore Fiji Islands

Rent car to explore Fiji Islands

Fiji is the most developed tourist island state of Oceania. People live on about 100 islands, and the rest islands are uninhabited. It's a great place for diving, underwater hunting, riding on boards, water skiing and kayaking.

You can easily get to the Fiji Islands, which are located in the Pacific ocean, by plane. The local rugby team is one of the most respected teams in the world.

The Fiji Islands are a great place for relaxing travel.

Rent a car without a driver

It's impossible to steal a rental car from the islands, so rental companies don't ask for a deposit. You just need to present:

  • driver's licence and passport;
  • credit card.
Взять авто в аренду, чтобы покататься по островам Фиджи

After getting a car, you can start your amazing journey around the island. While moving to another island, you can rent another car.

Roads rules and drivers

Driving in Fiji is left-handed. However, driving is very casual and calm on roads.

There are the following speed limits:

  • in the city – 50kmph;
  • outside the city – 80kmph.

Locals drivers are friendly and polite, so you will feel comfortable and confident on roads.

The whole coast is equipped with beaches, clubs for different types of water activities (diving, surfing, and rafting), and tour agencies. No one will be ignored here, so there is a holiday to suit every taste.

Rent a car without a driver to explore the islands for yourself. Due to the small size of the Fiji Islands, you can relax on the beach in the morning, and you can drive on a trip in the evening.

In the main town of the islands, Suva, there is a local parliament building. It looks like a traditional family house of indigenous tribes. The building is opened, so you can visit it. The walls are decorated with tapestries with local ornaments. In the city, make sure to visit the street market with local fruits, souvenirs and crafts made by local artisans. The city beach is very good for a family holiday with kids. It's gentle descent and not that deep.

Взять авто в аренду, чтобы покататься по островам Фиджи

The Nauvoo river is not far from the capital. It creates different colourful landscapes and attracts a lot of fans of rafting.

The main beach area on the Viti Levu island is located near Nadi. The most popular tourist attraction is the Denaro beach, where you can try diving, water skiing, and surfing. Another sight is the Natadola beach with white sand. The area near the beaches is crowded with high-class hotels, bungalows, cafes, and restaurants with various cuisines. There is the Sleeping Giant Garden. There is an interesting collection of orchids and hybrid flowers. Very amusing frogs live in local ponds.

You can sail by ship from Denaro port to visit a few excursions. Moreover, passengers are able to look at the marine life.

Opposite Nandi, there is the Mana island. You can leave your rental car, get to the island (30 minutes by boat; 10 minutes by helicopter), and spend a day at the deserted beach. Colours of water look very unusual in the rays of the setting sun.

Взять авто в аренду, чтобы покататься по островам Фиджи

In addition, the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere, Swami Sri Siva Subrahmanya, is located in Nadi.

You can drive towards the Historical Park Momi Bay Battery from the Denarius beach. It's dedicated to the military operations on the island.

After swimming at the Natadola beach and resting, you can go to the Paradise Falls. A 36-metre-high jet of water falls into the "bowl" with pure water of emerald colour. Locals consider this water healing.

In the northern part of the main island, there is the Wananavu diving centre. Highly qualified instructors work there, so even an inexperienced swimmer will be able to swim among soft corals and colourful fish.

On the Vanua Levu island, there are beautiful tropical gardens with artificial landscapes. Moreover, there are some streams, lush plants, and paths for walking.

After driving on the main island, we moved to Taveuni. In the Waitabu marine park, you can see a traditional village of locals and the underwater world. The island is known for its mountainous river with a cascade of small waterfalls. By the way, the Blue Lagoon movie was shot here.

The Ovalau island with the Tokou village is in the World Heritage List. Around 700 indigenous people live on this island. Moreover, there is a Catholic church.

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