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Rent a car and follow Suvorov's steps

Rent a car and follow Suvorov's steps

The point of this trip is to follow the steps of the legendary generalissimo of the Russian Army. Cheap rent in Moscow costs you 1500-1800 roubles per day.

The point of this trip is to follow the steps of the legendary generalissimo of the Russian Army. However, we visit the Reichenbach Falls.

Cheap car rent in Moscow

It is possible to rent a good, inexpensive car for this journey. In Moscow, it costs 1500-1800 roubles per day.


  • your driving licence and passport;
  • a credit card with a deposit.

The car is at our disposal and we can start our journey. Our route is as follows: Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech republic, Austria and Italy. Suvorov's Swiss campaign became the continuation of the Italian one.

Возьму машину в аренду и по следам А. В. Суворова

Roads and rules

It is quite easy to be law-abiding as the rules are similar in these countries. There are few differences, mainly in speed limits. So when we leave Belarus, we should follow these rules:

  • in build-up areas – 50 km/h;
  • on roads outside – 90 km/h;
  • on highways – 110 km/h.

The first movements of Suvorov's troops were from Treviso to Verona and Mantova. We drive through the first of these places. It is famous for tragic story of Romeo and Juliet.

Verona is an ancient town. There are traces remained from the Romans, Etruscans, Goths, Byzantines and Venetians. And its old part is looked after carefully. There's Piazza delle Erbe, a square with a pillory in the middle, Castel Vecchioб a medieval castle on the banks of the Adige. Dante Alighieri lived in Verona for 13 years, the statue of Dante is also there.

The houses where Romeo and Juliet "lived" are located in Verona.

Возьму машину в аренду и по следам А. В. Суворова

Suvorov's troops moved from Verona and Mantova to Milan. One of the key battles took place on the river Adda near Bergamo, where Truffaldino, a famous swindler came from.

Nowadays the scene of that battle is located on the territory of the local park "Adda". On the large area you will find lots of natural objects and constructions (old power stations, dams, bridges and castles) "ingrown" in the nature.

Milan is the capital of Lombardy and the centre of the world fashion. La Scala is definitely worth seeing, it is a theatre at world level. In looks, it is not very large and impressive, but it has an enormous hall inside with a stage, where best singers of the world appear.

You can stroll around the major sightseeings – Piazza del Duomo with Milan Cathedral, built with a refined style from the 14th to 19th centuries, fits in perfectly in the surrounding gallery of buildings of Vittorio Emanuele. It is something of grande shopping mall. But we are particularly interested in Sforza Castle, which became the temporary property of the Russian Empire after another Suvorov's victory. It is more interesting as it is a "brother" of the Moscow Kremlin. They have the same architect.

The next action of the Russian troops was liberation of Torino. Torino is an industrial centre with the Royal Palace (17th century) in the city, many architects worked on this building, creating this masterpiece and its interior. The cathedral (15th century) is a chapel of the Holy Shroud. Madama Palace, preserved by UNESCO, still owns a unique collection of ancient and medieval artefacts.

Возьму машину в аренду и по следам А. В. Суворова

But it's time to finish our Italian campaign anв start the Swiss one. We drive to Alessandria, it is a place where Suvorov set off to the Alpes. The route leads along Lake Maggiore, formed in a tectonic hollow. Driving along the eastern coast to Switzerland, you can see mountain ranges, rising higher and higher. The lake looks like a natural gem. There are a lot of resorts and beautiful buildings, but mainly on the western part. However, we can see a castle, Rocco de Angera (12th century).

When we drive past a lake near Bellinzona, we drive on the highway 2, which goes through a gorge of the Ticino River to the St. Gotthard Pass. Driving further, you find yourself in Schöllenen Gorge.

There we leave the route of the Russian Army. We turn left from the highway 2, through Obergoms to Meiringen. From there, we have to walk to reach the Reichenbach Falls. It is the very place where Sherlock Holmes fought with Professor Moriarty.

Having returned back to Schöllenen Gorge, we remember that Suvorov could have overcome it and moved to join Rimsky-Korsakov's corps. But it had been dispersed by that time. And our commander could not break the resistance of the French, who reinforced the troops near Schwyz and Pragel. He turned to the south near Klöntalersee Lake.

There we finish our journey and return to Moscow, where we got our cheap rent.

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