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Rent car to visit Little Mermaid in Denmark

Rent car to visit Little Mermaid in Denmark

Traveling around Denmark by rented car. It's a small, cosy, and beautiful country in Europe. Denmark is the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. Denmark is is known not only for Hans Christian Andersen, but also for its talented scientists and interesting tourist attractions.

Once someone says "Denmark", two things immediately come to mind – Prince Hamlet and Hans Christian Andersen. By the way, Niels Henrik David Bohr, a famous physicist, was a Dane, too.

Denmark is a quiet and peaceful country with the largest territory in Europe. At the same time, it's one of the first countries in the world by using information technology.

Rental prices in Denmark

There are a lot of car rental offices in the country. You can choose a suitable car in almost every big city. However, rental prices are higher than in other European countries.

To rent a car, you need:

  • to present your driving licence and passport;
  • to present a credit card with double rental funds.
Возьму автомобиль в аренду – и в Данию к Русалочке

Roads, rules, and drivers

Road rules are the same as in Europe. Speed limits in Denmark:

  • in build-up areas – 50kmph;
  • outside build-up areas – 80kmph;
  • on highways – 110kmph;
  • on the autobahns – 130kmph.

Use dipped headlights at all times while driving.

Local drivers strictly follow the rules, but they aren't friendly to each other.

Возьму автомобиль в аренду – и в Данию к Русалочке

The central part of Copenhagen is located on the Zealand Island. The city's soul is the Nyhavn district. The symbol of this port city is the Little Mermaid statue. Near the statue, there is a sculpture of the genetically modified Little Mermaid. The pentagonal Kastellet fortress guards these monuments. Moreover, it still works. There are plenty 300-years-old buildings in the district and different sailboats swaying on the waves.

In the district, there are two main squares, the Royal Square and the Central Square. The King Christian V statue is located on the first square. He played a key role in development the architectural shape of the Danish capital. Thirteen streets lead to the Royal Square. City Hall and the famous house with a thermometer is located on the Central Square. Moreover, there are two statues: H.C. Andersen statue and the Dragon And Bull Fighting statue. After walking through the Nyhavn district, we went to the Nyhavn street, where Hans Andersen had lived in the 8-metre attic of the building №17.

The oldest pedestrian street in Europe, Stroget, starts from the Royal Square. You can visit different cafés, buy souvenirs, and go shopping. The Cafe Nyhavn 17 is an excellent example of the Danish style. Its design, menu, and service are at the highest level.

On the Slotsholmen Island, there is Christiansborg Castle which is the main royal residence. Now, it's a complex of government buildings.

Возьму автомобиль в аренду – и в Данию к Русалочке

Then we went to Elsinore and the Kronborg Castle. William Shakespeare "played" one of his greatest tragedies, The Tragedy of Hamlet, there. Who knows, maybe the ghost of Hamlet's father still walks over the towers at the foggy nights.

Then we drove a few dozen kilometres to the west. The Frederiksborg Palace is located on the shore of a small lake. The coronation of the Danish monarch had taken place here for several centuries.

We left the Zealand Island and moved to the Funen Island through a long bridge. The house where the great storyteller Hans Andersen was born is located in Odense. 30 km from the town, the Egeskov Castle situated in the middle of a big lake. The interior of the castle is a brilliant example of the Danish aristocracy. A large botanical garden surrounds the lake.

Then we drove to Jutland from the Fyn Island where the main industries facilities of the country are located. We turned north to reach our next destination – the most northern point of the country. The Baltic Sea merges with the North Sea there.

We stopped for a day in Aalborg. The strait which unites the two seas goes through this city. A beautiful bridge is built over it. Also, there is a port and a yachting centre.

Возьму автомобиль в аренду – и в Данию к Русалочке

We kept driving north towards Skagen. Here, you can see the Baltic Seat and the North Sea at the same time. Then we drove along the North Sea coast. The roads in Denmark are excellent, and driving is smooth.

Esbjerg is known for its great Man Meets the Sea sculpture. Then we turned east to Copenhagen.

From the capital, we went to the Freetown, Christiania, where nobody follows the country's laws, and the ideas of hippie are dominated.

The next interesting place is the Rosenborg Castle of the XVII century with a treasure trove of Danish kings. The castle is surrounded by the King's Garden.

The building of the National Opera Theatre is built in an original way. You can get there only by water-bus. There are a lot of expensive luxury decorations, and each chandelier was made to order.

Next day, after walking around the elegant Tivoli park, we came to the Little Mermaid statue again to say goodbye to Denmark. It should be noted that we took Toyota Camry for rent for our journey, and it passed the road test safely.

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