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Rent car to travel to Gornaya Shoriya in winter

Rent car to travel to Gornaya Shoriya in winter

Rent a car to travel to Gornaya Shoriya. This is a mountain-taiga region located in the south of the Kemerovo region. The main tourist attraction is a museum of ethnography and nature of Gornaya Shoriya located in Tashtagol.

Salair Ridge, Kuznetsky Alatau, and Northeastern Altai come together in the south of the Kemerovo region forming a complex mountain system.

Gornaya Shoriya is situated between these mountains. This is one of the regions which has an ecological and recreational value. Tourists like to explore this place both in summer and in winter. In winter, they can try skiing and snowboarding. There are also a lot of different routes for driving, but you can only drive an SUV here.

Car rental prices

It' better to rent a car in Novokuznetsk. You can get a car for your journey for an affordable price. You just have to present:

  • driver's licence and passport;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.

Traffic rules in Gornaya Shoriya

In Gornaya Shoriya, traffic rules are Russian. There are following speed limits:

  • in a city – up to 60kmph;
  • outside a city – 90kmph;
  • on highways – 110kmph.
Возьмем авто в аренду для путешествия в зимнюю Горную Шорию

However, you will hardly want to break the traffic rules on Russian roads in winter. In general, we drove up to 70kmph during throughout our journey.

The road from Novokuznetsk to Tashtagol goes along the Kondomy river. This is a valley with a lot of mountain ranges. In Mundybash, we crossed the river through an old bridge, which was surrounding with beautiful landscapes. There are not very high mountain ranges and different rivers flowing between them. They are covered with ice in winter. Moreover, you can see a dense taiga, which was covered with sparkling snow.

All the valleys look different, so you travel there forever. Locals compare this place with Switzerland. And this comparison shows how beautiful this place is. However, mountains in Switzerland are higher, and there is no taiga. Moreover, every country has its own charm, so there is no point to compare them.

We didn't have time to visit Tashtagol, but we drove to Sharakesh to see the Zelenaya Mount. This place is equipped for skiing. A championship of Russia in Alpine skiing was already held here. You can enjoy local views from the top of the mountain and have a good time on the well-equipped routes.

Our farthest journey was to the Barrow Mount, where a 15-meter cross had been placed in honour of the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ. In winter, it's covered with silver shining snow.

Возьмем авто в аренду для путешествия в зимнюю Горную Шорию

The Mustag Mount (Ice Mountain) is the most respected mountain in the region. Its "owner" requires veneration and prayerful appeal to it. In addition, Gornaya Shoriya is considered the "birthplace" of Bigfoot, so locals pay attention to everything that is connected with this mysterious creature.

The Dollar Ski trail is on the slope of the Mustag Mount. However, this mountain attracts tourists even in summer. Climbing isn't difficult, and you'll definitely love amazing views.

Another trip was to the Gulag History Museum. This is an exact copy of many camps for prisoners that were located in the region. A bell-rail and barracks were reproduced in the museum. In the memorial part of the museum, there are photographs and authentic things of prisoners. You can see the way how feeding was organised in the dining barak (standards, food, kitchen utensils).

Возьмем авто в аренду для путешествия в зимнюю Горную Шорию

In the Three Rivers museum complex, you can drive through ancient trade routes. Old furnaces were found here as an example of an ancient culture. In Girnaya Shoriya, there are trade routes of the VIII-IX centuries to communicate with the locals of the Minusinsk Hollow.

After trips like ours, it's very interesting to visit the local ethnic theatre in the evening. You can see traditional ceremonies of local people and their attitude to local spirits and deities.

We drove for 500km to reach Novokuznetsk to return our rental car. Then we finally came back home. We'll never forget this incredible journey around Gornaya Shoriya.

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