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Volkswagen Beetle R-Line: sporty Beetle and rental dream

Volkswagen Beetle R-Line: sporty Beetle and rental dream

The review of the Volkswagen Beetle R-Line – a beautiful, economical and practical car. Female drivers are more likely to be delighted with this small car than male drivers. The frisky motor, moderately stiff suspension and interesting body design are everything you need for comfortable driving in the city.

It’s not easy to get rid of the stereotypes, especially in the case of the Volkswagen Beetle.

According to the historical tradition, this car is considered to be a model for women. The engineers of Volkswagen tried to make the car more courageous creating a sporty R-Line version. However, the attempt failed. Men will unlikely want to take this car for rent.

In fact, it's the same Sport package but only with a new decor: different bumpers, extended side skirts, a small spoiler and the brand logo in the cabin. The design of the doors is the obvious drawback of the body. The doors are too heavy and long (170cm). It’s inconvenient to open them from the inside. The handles are too far forward and located almost at the level of the side mirrors.

Moreover, if there is another car nearby, be careful not to hook it while opening the door. It’s unclear why there are rear seats in the Beetle. There is no leg room and head space. However, the trunk is spacious.

The capacity of the 2-litre turbocharged engine is 210bhp. The name “R-Line” is fully justified. With such a powerful engine, this tiny car has an impressive dynamic. It covers 0-100kmph in 7 seconds. The sound of the engine is similar to the muffled growl of a wild beast. It’s equipped with a 7-speed robotized DSG.

Handling is also excellent. The car lively responds to the steering wheel and perfectly passes corners. By the way, you can take turns even at high speeds. Due to the wide tyres, there is good stability while driving straight.

The suspension is a bit stiff, so it’s better to drive slowly on rough roads. There are three round dials above the centre console, which are united under the one canopy (speedometer, oil temperature and turbo pressure). Visually, this combination gives a bit sporty look. We should also mention the Fender audio system. It’s gorgeous: the sound is powerful, deep and rich.

The VW Beetle R-Line isn’t very popular among buyers, and it’s not surprising. This car is too peculiar. Perhaps, only ardent fans buy this model. For them, car rental for a month is a dream come true. On the one hand, a car with this engine is not quite suitable for women. On the other hand, the female appearance is the same despite all the designers’ attempts.

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