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Auto trip around Seychelles

Auto trip around Seychelles

The contemplation and relaxation are the credos of the locals in the Republic of Seychelles. The tourists get the same relaxed mood as soon as they get off the plane. This isn’t a country but a paradise: golden beaches, wonderful coves and quiet islands which are easy to explore by a rental car.

The Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean are an excellent opportunity for comfortable driving.

Their small size, amazing beaches, natural beauty and mentality of the local people win travellers' favour.

You can easilyrent a car in almost every hotel if you have a driver’s licence. The driving age is over 23.

Victoria is located on the largest Mahe island and considered the smallest capital in the world. There is a small Big Ben with a viewing platform from where you can see the whole city. Also, the botanical garden with orchids is very interesting. Here you can even plant a palm. Moreover, a few 150-year-old turtles live in this garden.

The main Market Street is the only street of the islands where people strictly follow traffic lights.

Вальяжное автопутешествие по Сейшелам

The main road is laid along the coast although there are a few crossroads.

Driving is hassle free; roads don’t have noticeable potholes. But remember that they drive on the left side. The mentality of the locals is reflected in slow driving (50kmph) and paying attention to pedestrians.

The main attraction is the Morne national park which occupies 20% of the Mahe island. You can get to it from different sides. You can also leave the rental car and take a walk in the park. All the walkways are equipped with pointers. There are waterfalls, bogs with turtles, cinnamon and vanilla plantations. From the 900-metre-high Morne Blanc mountain, there is a beautiful view of the whole island and the oceans. Moreover, there are tea plantations and a flavoured tea factory. You can try this tea in the teashop near the observation deck.

In the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, you can take a yacht tour (the yacht has a glass bottom!). The motor vessels are prohibited. The tour allows you to see the aquatics in their natural environment. You might see turtles and pirate graves on the islands.

Вальяжное автопутешествие по Сейшелам

Also, there are many beautiful beaches: Beau Vallon, Anse Royale and Anse Takamaka. You can plan your route to visit a new beach every time.

At the end of our trip, we drove to the village of artisans. This colonial homestead reproduces the old lifestyle and huts–workshops. Here you can buy souvenirs. Then we returned the rental car to the hotel, moved to the Praslin island and rented another car.

The palm forest with the world's largest nuts (20 kg) is located in the Vallée de Mai national park. In the village of Grand Anse, you can see the houses covered with dry palm leaves, where indigenous people live.

Then we arrived at the St. Anna Bay for a beach holiday. There is a gorgeous strip of beach 10 km long. The colours of water shimmer in the bay.

We recommend the Lazio bay for those who like diving. You can enjoy the unique underwater scenery and colourful marine life. There is also a great diving centre.

Вальяжное автопутешествие по Сейшелам

Again we returned the rental car, moved to the La Digue island and rented another car. First, we visited the house where the movie “Emmanuelle” was shot. There are many bays with beautiful landscapes and beaches (Grande Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Cocos). The Anse Volbert bay is known for its golden sandy beach which is protected from waves by a coral reef. The most beautiful bays of the island, Reunion and Coco, aren’t accessible by car. You can get there only through paths in the rainforest. The Las d'Argent bay is known for its rocky slopes. Swimming is prohibited because of the risk to get hurt from reef splinters.

In the north of the island, there is the Cap Barbie cape projecting into the sea between two bays. Artists and landscape photographers love this place. Divers can swim here among the turtles.

The last island of our route was the La Digue island. In the middle of the island, there is the Nid d'Aigle mountain from where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.

Moving from island to island and changing cars, we drove all over The Seychelles. We “exchanged” the last car with a plane and came back home.

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