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Finding yourself: Rent Hyundai Santa Fe III (restyling)

Finding yourself: Rent Hyundai Santa Fe III (restyling)


Over the past few years the Korean automakers made great strides and took the competition with European and Japanese analogs to a new level.

However, their production cannot get rid of the "budgetary car" stereotype even though it is well-equipped. The "Hyundai" company tried to change the image and launched "Santa Fe" of third generation.


Our "Hyundai" for rent looks good, no doubt. The front part of the body is decorated with LED running lights, sharply outlined headlight lens, a powerful bumper and a large chrome-plated radiator grille. The back of the car is no less attractive. The LED brake lights and the spoiler also draw attention. In general, the crossover is very attractive, it looks good from any angle.


The assembly and quality of the finishing materials are the advantages of the Korean car, though the design of the front panel is not the best. Besides, the interface of the central monitor is not convenient enough, neither is the graphics. The analog dashboard is in deep wells. The trip computer, which is there too, can display a compass in addition to other information.

The front seats are not soft but at the same time the profile and the side support are not designed for active driving. During long journeys it causes pain in loin and you have to change your position often. The rear sofa with a vertical back is quite large and comfortable. Even the tallest passengers can sit there comfortably due to the arched backs of the front seats. The trunk is good too – 585 liters will be enough for all occasions.

Driving characteristics

"Hyundai Santa Fe" is aggregated with naturally aspirated petrol engine of 2.4 liters, the power is 171 h.p. The power unit works together with 6-speed automatic transmission.

The dynamic characteristics of the car are not outstanding. The crossover can reach the first hundred in 11.5 seconds while the maximal speed is 190 km/h. It is necessary to turn the engine to high-speed and to count the distance to oncoming car and the overtaking trajectory in advance in order to stay confident in city traffic.

The soft suspension provokes "swinging" on the road. At the same time "Hyundai" heels heavily while turning, which negatively affects the speed. The steering control lacks feedback and effort. As a result, sharp maneuvers are really difficult. There is no desire to drive "Santa Fe" quickly…

Maybe the driving comfort will be good... The long-stroke racks of shock absorbers help to pass small roughness easily. However, the passengers can feel bad due to "swinging" during long journeys. The soundproofing system blocks the sound of the engine but the noise is really big when the speed is over 100 km/h.


"Hyundai Santa Fe" of third generation tries hard to make you like it. The car attracts with nice design, spacious interior and rich equipment. However, in the sphere of driving qualities, the Korean crossover is hardly able to compete with Japanese and European cars.


  • Design
  • Equipment
  • Comfortable rear seats
  • Large trunk
  • Nice smoothness on the roads of average roughness
  • Inexpensive car rental in Moscow


  • Weak graphics of the central screen
  • Mediocre dynamics
  • Mediocre control
  • Soundproofing system

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