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A fascinating trip to Noginsk by a rented car

A fascinating trip to Noginsk by a rented car

Go to a car rental to make your trip easy and not to worry about the distance.

Noginsk is surrounded by clean lakes and rivers, as well as magnificent Russian forests. Despite the fact that the city is not a resort, it has always been popular among tourists.

Whoever came here once, wants to visit the city again.

Увлекательная поездка в Ногинск на арендованном авто

Noginsk is located in the Moscow region. It is famous not only for its long history and culture, but also for the beauty of nature. Amazing panoramas will please everyone who comes over to this nice Russian town. Clean streets and unusual architecture will impress you everywhere in Noginsk.

Go to a car rental to make your trip easy and not to worry about the distance.

Увлекательная поездка в Ногинск на арендованном авто

Car rental in Moscow

The trip from Moscow to Noginsk will take you a bit more than two hours, if you go there by car. So you can save time and arrive there more quickly.

Renting a car has a number of advantages:

  • You don’t need to think how to get to the necessary point of destination, to buy tickets and to wait for a long time.

  • All cars are insured and in a good technical condition.

  •  In Moscow the range of cars of different brands and models is huge, which allows you to choose the vehicle that will definitely suit your taste.

  •  In case of breakdowns or any minor problems, you can contact the support service, which will help you at any time.

  • You have an opportunity to control your trip: stop wherever you wish to have lunch, to visit some of your friends or just to admire nature.

Увлекательная поездка в Ногинск на арендованном авто

Go to the main attractions of Noginsk by a rented car

It is better to start the city tour at the Fountain Square. This is one of the favorite sights of the city residents, as well as tourists coming to Noginsk. Decorative fountains are connected with each other and form water ensembles, turning the square into a place of fairy lights in the evening.

The alley of fairy tales will complete your impression of Noginsk as of an unusual city. It will make even adults plunge into childhood. Famous cartoon characters are walking on the paths of the Central Park. You can hug them or make a lot of colorful photos as a keepsake.

The Klyazma River flows through the territory of Noginsk. It is sometimes called the waterbody of love because of the local Bridge of Lovers. All romantic people should visit this place. The rails of the structure are decorated with hundreds of locks, left by the couples who came there to confess love.

You can become a part of modern art in the Art Gallery “Dirigible”. Noginsk provides an opportunity to have a look at the work of contemporary artists of the Moscow region. From time to time the gallery hosts master classes and lecture classes for those who want to enter the world of creativity.

The Local History Museum of Noginsk can be referred to historical sights of the city. The museum is open to visitors since 1927. It exhibits collections of weapons, old photographs, coins, tools, etc. A separate exhibition is dedicated to the nature beauty of the city.

Natural monuments should not be passed by either. The local authorities are very much concerned about the “green part” of the city. Glukhovsky Park will be enjoyed by everyone who decides to take a break during the sightseeing. Rare plants can be seen in the “Volkhonka” dendrological park, which is located in the suburbs.

Another pride of Noginsk are various cathedrals and churches (the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin, the Church of Matrona of Moscow, the Epiphany Cathedral, etc.). They are worth visiting to get acquainted with the religious culture of the city. Even the most skeptic aesthetes will like the architectural concepts of these buildings. If you wish, you can visit the churches to get extra pleasure from the liturgical singing and communication with local residents. Even the quiet city of Noginsk has a lot to surprise tourists craving bright impressions.

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