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To Europe? By car!

To Europe? By car!

Are you going to travel to Europe by car? What things do you need to have with you? Where to stay?

When you travel to Europe by car, you will get bright and unforgettable experience. Freedom to move everywhere will give you a chance to see lots of interesting places far away fr om traditional tourist places. You should plan your journey thoroughly to avoid unpleasant surprises.


It is important to prepare your car for a long journey: check its condition and all components, preferably with the help of experts, change all faulty or loose parts. You must check its battery, brake discs and tyres, level of brake fluid and spare tyres to avoid unpleasant situations.

You need to take two warning triangles, a fire extinguisher and reflective vests. Before the journey you should buy a first-aid kit and fill it with necessary meds. Buying medicine in Europe might be a problem. They are expensive and are mostly sold only by a prescription.


A good navigator with maps will make your journey easy and fast and help to find a better way. Modern navigators, for example iGO, will help to find the way even in remote villages.


It is useful to speak English a little, but you can do without it. In some cases you can use gestures. Gadgets will help a lot: many of them have apps which translate texts or even oral speech. You should install one of them and find out how to use it before your journey.

Things you need

You need things like phones, a tablet, a laptop, and a 3G modem. A camera and a video camera will help you take the most interesting moments of your journey. Do not forget your chargers. If you are planning to stay for 4-5 days, it is better to buy a SIM card of a local operator. One of the best options is Travel SIM, incoming calls are free.

Do not take things: things just in case (you can buy them), food (some of the food is banned to import to Europe).


You should plan your route. If you plan it, you can book your accommodation 3-4 days beforehand, in this case, the price and quality will be much better. Attempts to find somewhere to stay “for today” will require lots of time and nerves.

On the websites like booking.com and airbnb.ru there are a lot of options: hotels, hostels, guest houses, private homes, apartments.

You can search for “bed and breakfast” on local European bnb-services, they usually offer good price-quality ratio. The only disadvantage is they are mainly in English.

It is worth paying attention to European campsites, you can visit them as a separate sightseeing. But if you want to stay there, you should learn the conditions as you might need to have a tent and camping equipment with you.


When you leave your car in the car park, it is necessary to take away all valuable things, it is better to buy a rucksack. Do not leave lots of money and cards in your purse or wallet. Put your cash in different pockets with locks.


You need to have your international passports with visas and medical insurance, and your car insurance – “green card”. You should have copies of your documents, but do not keep them with original documents.

Car rental

In Europe there are a lot of car rental companies, so if you want to rent a car, you will not have any problems with it. Most of them allow you to start your journey in one town and leave your rented car in another, which is very convenient.

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