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Three budget sedans in one test-drive

Three budget sedans in one test-drive

In this test-drive three restyled sedans: the Hyundai Solaris, Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta. They are all assembled in Russia.

In this test three sedans took part, they are budget cars and assembled in Russia. They are the restyled Hyundai Solaris, Volkswagen Polo and the New Ford Fiesta.

The last model is particularly interesting, it came to the automobile market just in time. Since the rise in price of the Focus Ford had to fill a gap in the segment urgently. The New Fiesta returned in both hatchback and sedan body styles.

The front part is a new and already familiar design borrowed fr om Aston Martin. It looks quite decent among the rivals. But the boot does not look harmonious with this body.

In the cabin the attention is drawn to the unusual and bold centre console with diagonal-shaped buttons. The front panel is made of soft plastic. The front seats are very comfortable. But there is not enough spaciousness at the rear.

The Volkswagen Polo is stricter and more prestigious now. This applies not only to the exterior but also to the interior. The dashboard is changed a little bit and on the centre console there are silver elements. The lower part of the steering wheel is bevel in a sporty way. The Polo has comfortable seat but the visibility is satisfactory as before. In contrast to the Fiesta it is very spacious at the rear.

The updated Solaris has smotther and more rounded shapes. The cabin is transformed as well. Trip computer display ismore beautiful and informative. Reach adjustment is added to the steering wheel. Many other budget cars can envy the functionality of the car. Spaciousness of the rear is somewh ere between the Fiesta and Polo.

Let's go!

All the tested models are equipped with a 1.6-litre engine, the Solaris has an automatic transmission. The fastest is the Fiesta. It accelerates to one hundred one second faster than its rivals. It is mainly because of its transmission which changes gears without gaps and very clear. One more pleasant moment – when accelerating abruptly it is surprisingly quiet in the cabin. And the insulation of the Fiesta is much better.

The Solaris is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. The gears are changed quickly and smoothly. But the transmission which saves fuel is not good at low speeds: manual control is better for dynamic driving. It is better not to “race” in corners: the wheel is not informative and heavy enough.

The Polo which has a modernized suspension is more gentle and comfortable. Its ground clearance increased to 16.5cm. Unlike the Solaris the wheel is pretty informative.

But the Fiesta is best of all in steerability. Thanks to the sharp and responsive wheel, it turns easily at high speeds. And, by the way, it’s smoother.

As a result, the Fiesta is ahead at driving. And in general, it’s much more attractive because of its novelty. But we should admit that other two models have been “grown up” significantly.

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