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The New Volkswagen

The New Volkswagen

The New Volkswagen

The new crossover produced in five- and seven-passenger versions will be designed on the design of the CrossBlue. Mass production of the new cars may start in 2016-17. According to the Reuters, the new model will be presented in January 2015 in Detroit.

They are also planning serial assembly of the cars in Chattanooga (the USA) at the Volkswagen Plant.

For this purpose about 2,000 people are going to be taken on and the company is planning to invest about $ 900 million.

However, there is information that the production could be arranged in China at Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture.

For the first time the concept of the Volkswagen CrossBlue was shown at the motor show in Detroit last year. Later the CrossBlue Coupe, a five-passenger compact, was shown. The VW — is a hybrid crossover built on the platform which is identical to the platform VW MQB used in the second generation Volkswagen Tiguan. Mass production will start in 2015.

The seven-seat CrossBlue and the five-seat CrossBlue Coupe will compete with the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Toyota Highlander.

The latest model of the crossover will have a 2.0 litre diesel engine, two electric engines, which are located in the front and rear of the car. In total they have 302 hp.

The car has demonstrated good dynamic characteristics. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. However, the maximum speed is 204 km/h. There is a six-speed gearbox and 2 clutches.

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