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Test drive of the modernized Nissan X-Trail

Test drive of the modernized Nissan X-Trail

What will the last generation of Nissan X-Trail surprise us with, if not with two seasonal climate control and multimedia system with a large display?

At the first glance Nissan X-Trail can be classified to the segment of off roaders, however, it is a crossover. The same is with the last update of the car – T32. Such delusion remains because of the use of the previous platform of the car.

It is worth noting that the version of the Nissan X-Trail of the second generation was sold very well in Russia. The demand was achieved as a result of the optimal combination of the space capacity with comfort. However, the second generation has gone obsolete. The problems with control have been observed in it as well as its passing ability was not at a high level. The combination of these two negatives didn’t allow crossover to compete with new models of other car manufacturers in this segment.

Looking at the Nissan X-Trail of the last generation the differences in the overall dimensions are not observed in comparison with its predecessor, nevertheless, a new modification has become more visible. Having explored the saloon, we can recognize the features of the series models, which are already manufactured, for example the Qashqai. Thus, a huge panel has got a place in the front of the saloon. It goes out of your way to embrace you. Also, there is a chrome plated of air vents and recognizable Japanese features of steering wheel. There is a multimedia system with a large display on the central console. It’s worth noting that the trimming quality of material has become higher in comparison with the second generation of Japanese cars. The driver’s seat treats a person like a crystal, thanks to multiple «fresh» functions.

Climate control in this version works in two zones. It is interesting to notice that, by a reason, the manufacturer decided not to install back glass heating and, thus, there is only glass front heating installed. Back seats are adjusted in longitudinal direction, and the angle of backrest decline can be changed too. The back row of seats is located above the front one, and there is enough space at the back for passengers of any body size. In general the Nissan X-Trail of the third modification is planned as a seven-seater, but Russian market will have to be satisfied with five-seater versions.

The door of the luggage compartment can be opened without touch, although for it you have to pass hand next to car number and it makes this function useless. The luggage trunk itself is 18 liters bigger than in the Nissan X-Trail of the second generation. However, if to fold seats and to use under floor space in the previous generation of the car, then certainly it wins the new version. But the space is distributed more ergonomically in the new version which allows using all the volume.

The gearing system and integral power unit of the previous version of the car has been transformed for the new Nissan X-Trail. The clearance is 210 mm in the upgraded base, but in general the geometry of the car has become worse due to the big wheelbase and the overhang of the front. Thus, the front of the car can hitch a high obstacle. As for its passing ability the Nissan X-Trail of the third generation looks not bad at all and has the settings which will allow it to go out of the captivity of serious bumps on a rough road. To improve the passing ability of off road conditions, the circle-wise vision system is installed in the car and there is a washer at the back inlet tube.

Talking about the suspension, it can be said that it has become better than in the previous X-Tray. However, it has its own details. At the big obstacles the suspension strongly beats back and it makes noise in the saloon. And at the small bumps the suspension starts to bore you with its constant buzzing. The car has improved in control and responds better. The noise isolation in the Nissan X-Trail is quite weak, and a lot of noise is made fr om the wheels in the saloon, even while driving on a smooth surface.

The upgraded Nissan X-Trail has got three versions of power integral unit. The first is a diesel one with the volume of 1.6 liters. This engine gives 130 horsepower and works together with a mechanical gearbox. The speed of a hundred can be reached in 11 seconds after start and the maximum speed lim it is 186 km/h. The fuel consumption of the Nissan X-Trail with such an engine will be at the level of 5.3 liters. Also, one of the two petrol engines with the volume 2 and 2.5 liters can be installed in a car.

The engines of this type will allow generating a horsepower of 144 and 171 accordingly. Petrol power integral units will have to work with a variable speed gearbox. Maximum speed of the Nissan X-Trail with a petrol engine will be from 180 to 190 km/h, depending on the chosen volume of sliding head. Then, in the case of 2 –liter engine the car will consume 7.7 liters and with a 2.5-liter engine it will require 8.3 liters of fuel to reach a hundred km/h. The price for the updated version is ranging from 1 420 000 to 1 661 000 roubles.

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