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Test Drive of Opel Astra

Test Drive of Opel Astra

The Opel Astra is a car with a beautiful design, comfortable cabin and a lot of different options.

If you want to characterise the Opel Astra in a nutshell, it’s all about reliability and stability. They are evident in everything – in the design, equipment and overall concept.


This car is beautiful, discreet, honourable, respectable and has a touch of adventure. However, it isn’t so fresh and ultramodern like when it was presented, because the design is about 10 years old. But the car has a style which transcends time.The body doesn’t lose its relevance and appeal. On the contrary, it perfectly complies with the intended calm and sustained character of its owner. In short, this’s all about the German restraint, stability and high quality.


The cabin is equipped with everything you need; the quality is more appreciated than flashy effects. This “filling” is enough – nothing extra, but comfortable.

There is a wide colourful display with navigation, detailed maps, speed warning and traffic sign recognition. The information is showed on the display on the instrument panel, which isn’t colourful, but very convenient.

There is excellent sound insulation, an audio CD/MP3 with good sound and all the necessary connectors for external devices.

The interior is conservative, but well-done – high quality plastic and leather seats. There is enough space inside, so the driver and passengers feel comfortable. Adjusting the driver seat is manual.

The car has a spacious trunk which increases almost four times when rear seats are folded.


The basic package has an anti-lock system, airbags, air conditioning, fog lights and a leather steering wheel.

With a 1.4-litre, 140bhp turbocharged engine, the car is heavy, but capable of quick starts. The Opel Astra isn’t the nimblest car in the C class, and it’s a bit challenging to drive. However, the sport mode allows you to move the steering wheel less and achieve more control and greater manoeuvrability. In general, this car isn’t for manoeuvres, because it’s a bit slow and doesn’t like sudden movements. The transmission has a slow reaction which can be particularly unusual at first, but don’t doubt its quality and reliability.

You can choose a 5-speed automatic or manual transmission for the petrol engine. A 6-speed manual transmission – for the diesel engine.

The Germans provide many additional packages to choose only what you need without spending on unnecessary options. For example, you can take the lighting package which includes the washer, xenon and adaptive high beams. If it’s necessary, you can supplement the car with a navigation system or the “Bad Roads” package.

The main advantages of the Opel Astra are its stability, reliability and security. Despite its heavy weight, this German car works like clockwork. The engines are powerful and reliable and comply with the European eco-standards. Due to the high-grade steel, sophisticated design and some exclusive patented emergency options, the Opel Astra can be called one of the safest cars.

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