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Test drive of New Nissan Note X DIG-S

Test drive of New Nissan Note X DIG-S

What new things will a test drive of the Nissan Note X DIG-S show?The New Nissan is perfect for drivers who prefer economy cars.

The New second generation Note has been recently presented by Nissan. Immediately after that followed a test drive of the X DIG-S with a new engine.

New engine

The model appeared in 2012 and took third place in the new car sales list. It became possible thanks to its economy fuel consumption – just 25.2 km/l (3.9 litres per 100 km). On that basis, the Note became the best car of its class with a non-hybrid engine.

Engine displacement of the new model decreased from 1.5 to 1.2 l.The new power unit HR12DDR was made on the basis of a 3-cylinder engine with mechanical supercharger, which operates according to the Miller cycle. The engine is more economical and at the same time its power is increased to 98 h.p. The models with such an engine, like hybrid ones, do not pay environmental taxes. The engine works with the Xtronic from the Nissan March.

According to forecasts, 60% of sales were attributed to the naturally aspirated models, but in reality 70 % of the sold Note cars are the models with supercharger. If a design of cars used to be more important, economy is more important today.

Economy with supercharger

The New Nissan can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 sec like cars with a 1.5 l engine. The car showed good acceleration with 3 people inside and shooting equipment. However, we did not manage to compare it with the aspired model. Although if we compare the Nissan March, which weighs 100 kg less than the Note, then the Nissan March accelerates better.

This is explained by the fact that the mechanical supercharger from Eaton has an on/off function by the use of electromagnetic coupling regardless of engine revolutions. It means this is “economy supercharger”, which is used to reduce fuel consumption. The signal of activating this mode is blue illumination on the dashboard when you press the button on the floor near the selector. Each mode has its own colour.

The economy mode has such a function as Start assist. It allows to ease the reaction of car when you press gas and reduces fuel consumption. The Eco mode did not affect the quality of driving and used during the test drive. If you want to buy this car because it saves fuel, then this mode will allow you not to use the supercharger.

The engine is silent. Repeated engine start is quiet and smooth after using the start-stop system. The Note did not have any vibrations, which are typical of 3-cylinder engines.

Winner in its class

Despite the small engine displacement, the car has a higher class than the similar model March. The chassis design of both cars is the same, but the distance between the front and rear wheels is increased by 15 cm in the Note. The total length of the car is more than 4 m, it is longer by 32 cm. The luggage and passenger compartments are more spacious and the ride is more enjoyable. Although it would be good to add stability and smoothness to the wheelbase.

Among the cars with a 1.2 l engines with direct injection and supercharger the Volkswagen Polo with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is more popular. Its engine power is 105 h.p. , fuel consumption during the test – 21.2 km/l. The Polo is superior to the Nissan Note in speed and power but inferior in economy.

There are sharp and deep lines on the sides of the body. These lines go to the headlights, which are at the rear, the design resembles the headlights of the Nissan Fairlady Z. It is obvious that the engineers approached responsibly to the design of this 1.2 litre car.

The Medalist version is one of the top ones. It has leather upholstery. This name was used in other models of the Nissan Laurel. The New Nissan is perfect for drivers who prefer economy cars.

Nissan Note X DIG-S specs

  • Length — 410 cm
  • Width — 169,5 cm
  • Height — 152,5 cm
  • Wheelbase length — 260 cm
  • Weight — 1 090 kg
  • Drive — front
  • Engine — 1.2-litre, 12-valved 3-cylinder DOHC with mechanical supercharger, max. engine power 98 h.p. 5 600 rev./min., torque 142 Nm at 4 400 rev./min.
  • Price — 580 thousand. rub.

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