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Test-drive of Cadillac Escalade: Irrational giant

Test-drive of Cadillac Escalade: Irrational giant

It is worth noting that the Cadillac Escalade is rather a controllable car with wonderful brakes and splendid cabin.

This car has been almost always considered amazing by its irrationality. For example, using of the Cadillac Escalade as a family car will seem weird, besides the crossover has 3 rows of seats.

It is easier to buy an ordinary mini-van, the S-max, for example. Passability of the Escalade is not very high, because the developers have made its clearance too small. One more interesting use – frightening away other drivers on the road. But more budget “cruisers” and “Helics” fulfil this function excellently. It is impossible to travel by this car, the engine consumes too much. So what’s its designation?

It is easy to answer this question having remembered what brand Cadillac in general is. From the times of the Eldorado American company of automobiles is associated with an effective interior, huge dimensions and luxury which strikes one’s eyes. Total length of the most charged version of the Cadillac Escalade is 5.7 meters. This figure can be surpassed only by the Rolls Royce Phantom, the others will not be even near it.

Distinctive features

Perhaps the main feature of this crossover is giant dimensions of exterior as well as interior. There is a joke that loved by many rappers the Cadillac Escalade can transfer all world records of gangster-rap for one time. Of course such a car has its price. The most tricked out crossover costs more than 5.5 million roubles that is equal to a flat in the Moscow region. It is senseless to buy a short version since the difference in price is 5% and the car can lose its peculiarity.

Among other options which are present in any modern car (cruise and climate control, electronic display of on-board computer etc.), it should be noted an interesting option of a parking system, transferring a vibro signal to the driver seat if the automatic transmission does not like anything.

Test-drive: behind the wheel

The first thought arising when sit in the “cabin” of the Escalde – the steering will be like in some truck. But you can tell with assurance that even a delicate representative of the weaker sex can manage with this crossover. The steerability is just wonderful and during the turns the Cadillac does not tend to turn over. Besides, small brake elements which are seen from under the huge “22”-inch wheels, all system works even better than anticipated. Three tons of metal can stand still after pressing the pedal. It can be easily said that in this the Escalde surpasses many modern cars.

We all like American cars for the powerful engines. Opening the bonnet of the Cadillac Escalade we see a unit with volume of 6.2 liters and total capacity 410 h.p. Surprisingly but we have been able to speed up three-ton monster up to the hundred in less than 7 seconds. It is worth noticing that such result is shown by the “loaded” sport version of the Skoda Octavia RS with the weight twice smaller.

The work of so-called Active Fuel Management is difficult to notice because it stably fits in the concept of the car. Ordinary driving is carried out only on the V4 and for different speed maneuvers other cylinders are turned on. It is possible to notice a change only on the dashpanel when sign V8 lights up. We could do this when our Escalade was overrunning the hybrid Prius. The roar of “eight” was so strong and pleasant for the ear that it became clear: we have burn more fuel in a couple of seconds than the Toyota can consume in one trip. Chaotically switching multifunctional menu we eventually reached the date about average discharge. However, it turned out to be rather normal – 15.5 l per 100 km. It should be noted that it is better to fill up the monster with 95 gasoline since 92 can lead to premature wear off of some important engine mounts.

Such “races” do not influence the inner atmosphere in the car. Quality sound insulation does not allow excess noises to disturb people in the Cadillac.


It is worth noting that the Cadillac Escalade is rather a controllable car with wonderful brakes and splendid cabin. Of course, in big megalopolises almost six meter crossover can face the problems of parking but these dimensions are the main feature of this car.

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