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Test-drive of Audi A8: «People’s servant who wants to plays tricks»

Test-drive of Audi A8: «People’s servant who wants to plays tricks»

The Audi A8 is a car which is associated in our conscious with certain category of people.

For some reason, this car is a favorite of the high-ranking officials who drive on the comfortable Sedan to work accompanied by the details of Road Patrol Service.

Changes in the design: original headlights

Despite that the last generation of the A8 was subjected to restyling procedures, only very attentive people will be able to notice the real difference between the models. The first thing that should catch one’s eye – new, very interesting headlights which have rather original construction. The design of rear bumpers has also been changed, exhaust pipes have been cut into them like in sport cars. That is the whole “restyling”.

But we should dwell upon the headlights. The last model had unordinary headlights too but the new ones are the real masterpiece. From the technical point of view, such modern headlights have never been made. The matrix luminous elements do not have any moving modules and additional sections of LEDs are turned on or off to control the light. Intelligent electronics chooses by itself when to turn upper beam, it is adapted to any weather, whether it is rain, mist or snow. Moreover, it will never dazzle oncoming drivers.

Turn signals should be mentioned separately for their “show”. They light up gradually, section by section demonstrating future maneuver. No car that have ever been created in the world do not have such original lights.

Interior design: comfortable but without its own music

The car which was provided to us for the test-drive had rather mediocre set of options and was very close to standard configuration. Besides original headlights the basic model will hardly be able to surprise an experienced driver. Under the bonnet of the A8 there was a gasoline engine 3.0 TFSI capable to develop power of 290 h.p.

Absence of Bluetooth in the car became a surprising discovery. The standard model also did not have neither USB nor AUX ports that makes impossible to listen to your own music from the audio player. One would think it’s such a modern car and one had to turn on an ordinary radio.

The rear seat is rather wide and wonderfully fits even 3 big people. But it’s better of course to set up an armrest and to sit alone on the right side. Such an action will allow to feel yourself like a real deputy. No noises are observed during the movement and the suspension is so soft that you are running the risk of falling asleep in such a comfortable position. Unfortunately, considering that this A8 had standard configuration it was impossible to entertain oneself with electronic systems because there were simply no such systems. It’s worth noting that the cabin is produced in beige color which of course does not suit for the exploitation in capital mud. Light rugs were very quickly stained.

Test-drive of А8: the manner of behavior

At the wheel this car is felt completely different. At the disposal of driver there is an electronic, adjustable seat with massage rollers. All available functions are literally at hand.

It was snowing during our test and it worked in our favor, because it’s a big luck to test German car in real domestic conditions. To our surprise the A8 passed the exam. It maintained four-wheeled drive for the whole time of driving. As it turned out, the steerability is one of the main trump cards of the new model because the steering wheel allows feeling the wheels. In spite of rather weighty dimensions the car was flitting like a butterfly along the snow-covered streets of the capital. In sport mode we allowed ourselves to play tricks a little in this car which was of course bored with tiresome business trips. Even 290 h.p is enough to feel the power of the new “eight”. It seemed that 3 liters of volume for such a big car was little but we were wrong – the car is very fast.

The verdict

There is no doubt that the Audi A8 is a bright representative of its market segment. It is not for nothing that many officials choose this car as their working car due to its imposing appearance and comfortable conditions inside. But we have proved once and for all to ourselves and to others: even simple three-liter engine is enough to “play trick” on the snow-covered city streets, let alone more powerful units, for example, gasoline 4.2 installed in full version of the “eight”. The Audi A8 is a “prince” who dreams to become a commoner just for a couple of days.

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