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Sports debut of Cadillac ATS-V – rent it soon

Sports debut of Cadillac ATS-V – rent it soon

The expressive design, daring body and bifurcated exhaust pipes indicate the excellent sport characteristics of the Cadillac ATS-V. It’s also equipped with all the necessary electronic systems. This car can seriously compete with rivals in its class.

Almost the whole Cadillac history is related to luxury and comfortable cars. The manufacturer was ignoring the sport models for a long time, but the situation changed about 10 years ago.

The ATS-V is a recent experiment in the sports cars segment. Moreover, it’s significantly different from other V-Series cars.

Externally, the ATS-V has all the characteristics of the legendary American manufacturer. The car differs from the basic model with a longer hood, radiator grille and shape of headlamps. To improve the aerodynamic performance, additional options are available (for example, a carbon fibre spoiler). The customer can also choose the sedan body type or coupe. To experience this, you can rent Cadillac.

The car is made of modern alloys and lightweight materials. However, its total mass is around 1700kg. The reason for its weight is the manufacture’s desire to increase the rigidity as much as possible. The base package is equipped with 18'' wheels.

The cabin is trimmed with suede and leather. The large transmission tunnel was transformed into the armrest between the front seats. It also has a storage space and a non-contact charger for gadgets. Tall rear passengers might feel uncomfortable. The trunk is only 294 litres.

The car is equipped with the most sophisticated electronic systems: a high-quality audio system, satellite navigation system, cruise control, wireless Internet access, climate control with two service areas and rain sensors. Additionally, you can set a video recorder to record the passage of the race track.

The safety isn’t left unattended. The ATS-V has a stabilisation system, automatic deceleration control system, lane tracking system, fatigue monitoring system and blind spot detection. Eight airbags are incorporated in different parts of the cabin.

The car is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 3.6-litre engine. Due to the two turbines, its capacity is 464bhp. The maximum torque is 603Nm. The ATS-V accelerates to 100kmph in 4 seconds. Surprisingly, the engine is quite economical: driving in the city requires 14.7 litres per 100 km, on the highway – 9.8 litres.

The ATS-V has a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission. The transmission works accurately and reliably. Handling and the suspension provide stability even in very tight corners.

Unfortunately, you can’t rent the Cadillac ATS-V yet. However, you can rent Cadillac Escalade (without a driver) is already available in Moscow. This allows you to experience the beauty and power of this brand.

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