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Slightly Updated Volkswagen Touareg

Slightly Updated Volkswagen Touareg

What could be worse in winter than a car with a diesel engine and cooled cabin after a cold night? There is a solution.

What could be worse in winter than a car with a diesel engine and cooled cabin after a cold night? There is a solution. The new modified Touareg starts up by itself in a timely fashion and begins to warm the cabin and the engine. When you get in the car, you plunge into a warm space: windows thawed out, warm wafts under the seats. It feels like you are still in your cozy bed.

The cabin has been slightly changed compared to the previous version. And how can it be better? Last time, German engineers and designers made the interior as comfortable and exclusive as possible. However, the illumination colour has been changed – now it's white instead of red. The interior got minimal changes – some door-handles have notches on their aluminum surface. These improvements give even more class to the car. The seats are as comfortable as possible and look rather simple, but this simplicity makes the interior unique. There is also a lot of leg room in the rear. Moreover, the car comes to the market with all the settings, so you don’t have to adjust anything.

At first glance, the changes are not noticeable. Volkswagen didn't set out to upgrade the car on a grand scale. The appearance has a minimal modernization to it. You can choose a lot of «clever» functions from a huge list. However, nobody will force you to buy any additional functions. Because of these small changes, the price is still acceptable. It seems, the Germans have done it specifically for the Russian market, which is in crisis these days. The price for the new generation Touareg starts from 2,550,000 roubles.

The radiator grille has been changed. Compared to the previous Touareg, it's rotated by 180 degrees. The optics are more rigorous and emphasized by chrome trims. The car's dimensions are the same, just a bit longer because of the front bumper. In the basic package of the upgraded Touareg, xenon headlamps will be installed. Fog lights are LED now. The total amount of chromium in the body is increased.

The suspension of the new Touareg makes it easy to overcome obstacles up to 30 cm. It's a very serious figure, but on the track this is just a number for passengers. The transmission with many settings allows to drive through an area with diagonal tilt and 80% slope. However, the powerful 4XMotion transmission will be available only with the diesel 245bhp engine. For other packages, there will be a 4Motion transmission, which is more than enough to drive on snow-covered roads or slightly off-road. Though, you can't go completely off-road with it.

The air suspension responds to the on-board electronics well, that allows you to trust the adjustments while driving with a computer. The car perfectly listens to the steering wheel making sharp turns possible even at high speeds.

Two diesel versions of the upgraded Touareg arrives to the market. Both engines are 3litres, but has a 204bhp and 245bhp version. Undoubtedly, the engine with the bigger capacity is the better option. 8-speed transmission keeps the car dynamics at a maximum, easily adapting to your requirements. The power unit has no turbo-lag and works well at all speeds. On the road, the Touareg consumes 9litres per 100 km; in urban traffic – 14litres per 100km.

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