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Powerful and Practical Skoda Octavia RS

Powerful and Practical Skoda Octavia RS

The Skoda Octavia RS is a car for those who appreciate speed, quality and power. Its large trunk can easily fit stuff for the whole family. The price isn’t low, but the car is worth it.

The Skoda Octavia RS is a line of the fastest Skoda cars. It’s a big and comfortable car with a powerful engine, spacious trunk and excellent chassis.

The model is equipped with a 2.0-litre, 220bhp petrol turbo engine. Compared with the previous generation, the torque is 60Nm more (350Nm). It accelerates 0-100kmph in 6.8-7.1 seconds depending on the transmission. It’s a front wheel drive car.

Also, the company produces a model with a 2.0-litre, 184bhp turbo-diesel engine, but it’s rare on Russian roads. Therefore, let’s continue to talk about the petrol model.

However, customers have a choice between a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed DSG. The latter gears shift smoothly although it doesn’t work as fast as you might want during aggressive driving. With a manual transmission, the car accelerates more briskly. Oddly enough, a model with this transmission is more practical and comfortable for long trips than the DSG model.

In addition, the car is equipped with a special sport RS-mode which increases driving dynamics. The engine emits a low rumble in the normal mode. In the sport mode, it roars even louder. Its maximum speed is 245-248kmph depending on the transmission.

The petrol model drives well on any surface, even on roads with pits. In corners, a moderately stiff suspension keeps the car stable. However, the car requires careful driving on roads with slow corners.

The Octavia RS doesn’t have a limited slip differential even among the options. But the XDS electronic differential helps in sharp corners and adjusts the suspension settings. This facilitates driving in difficult conditions. Nonetheless, slips might occur during fast manoeuvres on wet surfaces.

The fuel consumption is 6.2 litres (MT) or 6.4 litres (DSG) per 100 km. The brakes are more efficient and powerful than in a conventional model.

Externally, the Skoda Octavia RS looks more aggressive than its predecessor. It’s 88 mm longer and 45 mm wider. There are a few innovations: an original front bumper, a black false radiator grille with RS logo and longitudinal fog lights. Due to its sporty character, the car looks good both on city roads and highways.

There are some sport elements in the interior. The five-seat cabin is spacious and comfortable. The seat upholstery can be a combination of cloth and leather or all leather. There are compartments for trash in the doors.

The Octavia RS has almost the same options as a conventional model. The customer might order an adaptive cruise control, 9 airbags, a multimedia system with a touch screen, a character recognition system and a panoramic sunroof. With the full range of options, the car costs around 2,000,000 roubles.

The spacious and practical trunk (590 litres) can fit 4-5 suitcases. With the rear seats folded, it increases to 1580 litres. In addition, it’s equipped with various compartments and pockets.

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