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Self-driving сars nowadays

Self-driving сars nowadays

Cars become more intelligent and independent. In the future, what can they do without us?

This summer customers can buy first cars with different automated systems. The study of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) supported this information.

The report mentions that selling cars with automated systems will start in the middle of this year. In 2017 we expect the plurality of partially autonomous vehicles. The researchers believe that completely autonomous vehicles will be released over the next 10 years. Improving legal framework and developing on-board systems will help this. In 20 years anyone will be able to buy this type of car. According to the researchers, the car market with automated systems will reach $42 billion by 2025.

Manufactures will present the unmanned car technology step by step. By the end of this year, Tesla, which produces electric cars, plans to use automated systems to drive on a single lane. In 2016 the similar Super Cruise system will be installed in the Cadillac.

Many companies will release adaptive cruise control by 2017. It will park your car or drive in traffic jams by itself.

These days some cars already can accelerate and stop without a driver. The auto parking systems are improved every year. For example, some Volkswagens are able to front park.

Volvo models, which participate in the experiment, can detect an empty space while moving along the parked vehicles.

According to the BCG report, the autopilot to navigate the lanes will be presented in 2018. Moreover, the car will be able to orient itself in the city by 2022. Mercedes-Benz promises to show its autonomous model in 2025.

We can already produce unmanned vehicles because current technologies enable this. However, manufacturers are going to continue testing their systems to make them better. The Volvo DriveMe project tests a hundred cars with different electronic systems in normal conditions

Recently Audi has demonstrated the autonomous Audi A7 hatchback which drove 880km from San Francisco to Las Vegas by itself. The autonomous BMW 2-Series cars are being tested on the track and road closures. By the end of 2016, Nissan will release a series of autonomous systems. Now Nissan develops the technology on Japanese roads.

Only cameras, actuators, steering sensors, motor and brake system will be different in autonomous cars. The autopilot will recognize road signs, light signals, markings and traffic. For some systems, special transmitters and markings would be as a reference point. For other systems, informations from their sensors and cameras.

These techniques aren't new and are already partially used. For example, the radar cruise control to keep a distance from the front vehicle and the first auto park system were presented in 2006. In 2008 cars could slow down and stop completely. A bit later, cars were able to see pedestrians, keep the lane and understand the marking.

The BCG experts believe that combining all the innovations in one complex system, manufactures can leave cars to drive themselves.

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