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Secret features of Audi R8

Secret features of Audi R8

New chassis made of aluminium with carboxylic inserts, adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride, a 7-speed transmission — meet the New Audi R8.

Information about the Audi R8 has appeared in the media in Britain. — the second generation super car. its official presentation is scheduled for March in the capital of Switzerland — Geneva.

In general, the car can be freely called a masterpiece of the modern motor industry. The new chassis is made of aluminium with carboxylic inserts as a partition to separate an engine compartment and a central tunnel in the cabin. If you compare the Audi A8 with its predecessor, you can note a slight change in dimensions — the car has become wider by 39 mm and lower by 9 mm. Now they are 1 944 mm and 1 241 mm.

The cabin has become wider by 30 mm. Despite the fact that the total length of the car has not been changed, the designers has increased the luggage compartment upto 104 litres. Now you will be able to fit a bag with golf clubs and small bags, which is very important for a two-seater car.

The new Audi R8 has got adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride with electronic control. There is a system of processing information to set a specific mode of the engine depending on changes of the parameters: shock absorber stiffness, strength of gas pedal press and steering rack position.

It has the same four-wheel drive and transmission, including front electrohydraulic multiple-disc suspension and mechanical differential, as its predecessor. Audi engineers have not installed sports differential, which gives additional acceleration to the outer wheel at sharp turns stabilizing the position of the car on the road. Instead they have used a new solution — torque vectoring.

The car will be equipped with a 10-cylinder engine 5.2 litres, 540 bhp and a seven-speed transmission with dual clutch.

It is supposed that this model will be launched with PLUS modification, which will have carbon brakes and a more powerful engine 611 bhp. It will allow to accelerate to 100 km in 3.2 sec, which is 0.3 sec faster than the base model. The maximum speed is limited to 330 km/h. The main difference between these models will be a spoiler which is hidden in the Audi R8 and it automatically appears only when you accelerate to a predetermined speed.

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