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Revival of Nissan Almera

Revival of Nissan Almera

The new Nissan Almera – reinforced body, increased road clearance and windshield cleaning area. In a nutshell, it’s a miniature Teana

In February 2012, we received an official message about the revival of the Nissan Almera. This model is supposed to have certain features and perform several tasks.

First, it would confirm a plan of cooperation between the Japanese manufacturer and Russia for a long time. Secondly, it would become one of the key elements of the business plan, challenging the major competitors, which are the fast growing companies in the Russian market.

In 2012, CEO of the regional division said, according to the Global Plan for the medium-term perspective, the company was planning to occupy 7% of the Russian car market. It's the priority for 2016, and the Almera would help achieve this. That was when the company decided to assemble the version at the AvtoVAZ. To ensure high quality, the company built a new plant and the workers assembling the car were trained by the experts from Nissan.

It should be noted that the Almera was created especially for Russia. The experts from the leading producing countries, the USA and Japan, developed the car. The Russian experts also participated. The premier took place at the Moscow Motor Show in 2012. The first version arrived to the dealers only in March 2013. In addition, the manufacturer has launched a company to forget about bad roads. This company has identified a number of features and capabilities of the new car. The special design took into account the needs of many drivers.

In Japan, this model has a 2.0-litre engine. It's much stronger and heavier than the Russian 1.6-litre engine with a certain safety margin. However, the car is made especially for Russia, so the body is reinforced with additional elements in the engine compartment. Due to them, the car withstands heavy loads and there is no risk of cracking. However, there is a weak spot – low resistance to corrosion.

The cabin, as well as the trunk, is large – 5 people can comfortably sit there. The passengers in the rear don't rest their knees on the front seats. The sound-proofing is improved and evenly distributed – rear as quiet as front. In addition, the car has an increased 160mm road clearance; an aperture in the engine compartment is closed with a steel protection. Therefore, air flow cools the engine and the car would be safe if any accident happens.

The car is adapted to Russian conditions: increased front window cleaning area, full size spare wheel, trunk handle. The engine is 102bhp. There is a manual transmission from the French models, but the new car is heavier than the Logan. The overtaking delay often occurs due to insufficient strong dynamics – in some cases, it might be extremely dangerous. To help the engine, you have to turn off air conditioning for some time. The transmission is indispensable for certain customers, especially for women. The winter mode works perfectly on snow-covered roads.

It must be noted that the manufacturer is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the car. Version 2014, released in April, got a folding rear seat and special pockets in the front seats. The trunk has a new cover. The spare wheel is mounted using the same bolts as the main wheel (previously it had a set of long bolts).

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