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Traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg by rental car

Traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg by rental car

Travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg to see the white nights and raising the bridges. It's easy to rent a car in Moscow for a trip like this. Russian roads aren't good, but local drivers are friendly most of the time.

Which citizen of Moscow doesn't have friends from the Northern Capital? If you have a few, it's always easy to find a reason to make a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

However, this time, we have some other reasons to go there. We would like to:

  • drive around the city during the white nights;
  • look at the model of Russia;
  • look at the Golden Peacock at the Hermitage.

Cheap car rent in Moscow

It's easy to rent a car in Moscow. You need:

  • driver licence and passport;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.
Путешествие из Москвы в Петербург на машине, взятой в аренду

Road rules and drivers

Locals' attitude toward the traffic rules is sufficiently well known. On highways, local drivers are more friendly and polite than in cities.

The E95 road is always crowded, so you should carefully follow the speed limits:

  • in the city – 60kmph;
  • outside the city – 90kmph.

It's easy to get to St. Petersburg within one day. It's better to start your journey at 5 am to reach Klin early morning. After Klin, traffic is not busy, so we reached the city on the Neva River at 3 pm. We had a short break, and next morning we started our adventure in St. Petersburg.

By the way, traffic is not busy at night, so you have a chance to enjoy this amazing city even after sunset.

The first thing we did in St. Petersburg was driving along the Nevsky Prospect. Its main part is marked with Klodt`s horses. Near Admiralty, we turned to the embankment. Then we reached the Field of Mars and drove through the Trinity Bridge. They say that Valery Chkalov, a famous Russian aviator, flew under the bridge; however, it's not supported by any official documents.

After crossing the Neva River, we left the Kamennoostrovsky Avenue and drove to the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island through the Kronverk Embankment. That's how we moved to our side of the river.

You can hardly admire raising the local bridges without a rental car. Due to the bright sky and white nights, you can see the whole process and quickly move from one bridge to another in accordance with the sequence of their raising.

Then we drove to the monument of Peter the Great, where our night driving around the city ended.

Путешествие из Москвы в Петербург на машине, взятой в аренду

In the afternoon, we moved to the Moskovskie Vorota metro station, and then we walked to the Flower street to visit the Grand Model of Russia. The market is located in the area of 800 square metres. You can the life and unity of the great country here. Trains and cars are moving, and day and night follow each other. You can press different buttons to intervene in the events happening in the picture. There are lifting platforms for those who need them. In general, it's a technically complicated and thoughtful attraction.

After resting, we took a trip to St. Petersburg one more time. We visited the Gorokhovaya, Garden, Sennaya Square, and the Mikhailovsky Castle.

Another tourist attraction is the Golden Peacock. It's the only one mechanical automaton of the XVIII century which still works. It works on Wednesdays at 12 pm. Therefore, we went to the Hermitage early morning. There are a lot of great masterpieces, and you need at least a few days to see all of them. But you are able to see the Golden Peacock at the Hermitage, a man-made miracle made by British craftsmen, only once a week. The master came, inserts the key into the lock, and the clock started working. A dragonfly on the clock was spinning very elegantly. Finally, the peacock woke up, spread​ its tail, and turned its head. At the end of the performance​, a rooster crowed three times.

Путешествие из Москвы в Петербург на машине, взятой в аренду

Then we just walked around the museum looking at different exhibits.

After such a busy day, we needed a break and visited our friends in St. Petersburg. We just didn't have energy to drive again.

Путешествие из Москвы в Петербург на машине, взятой в аренду

We devoted the next day to the State Russian Museum. Make sure to visit this place to admire the specialness of Russian art. The museum was established in 1895.

The rental Ford gave us the opportunity to visit the Peterhof and admire its fountains and other major attractions.

While coming back to Moscow, we took a short trip to the Tsarskoye Selo. There are a beautiful Catherine Palace and a large Catherine park.

Only after that, we drove on the highway leading to Moscow. After eight hours of casually driving we reached Klin, Solnechnogorsk, Zelenograd, and finally home.

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