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Meet Nissan Sentra

Meet Nissan Sentra

The New Nissan Sentra is definitely not brisk. It is actually slow and good for taxi companies. It consumes little petrol - it's a plus.

The sales of the New Nissan have been launched in Russia, we have been presented the new model with its old name.

Its younger brother, the Teana strikes with its design and looks like its relative, giving a look of a large sedan to the compact Sentra. we have been waiting for this car for two years.

Nissan has paid lots of attention to the appearance, designing the Sentra, and missed out the cabin. Outside, it looks nice and has "a beautiful wrapper", but inside, it is unflavoured caramel. It is built dull and plain, not an advantage.

In whole, we can't say anything bad about the cabin. It is ergonomic, convenient and spacious. The assemble is decent,thanks to the Izhevsk Plant. It's worth noting that this car is not very expensive to rent – a nice bonus.

The Nissan comes with a navigation system, which works fine. Music system is decent for the price, for a better version you will have to fork out more than a million roubles.

Nissan offers a budget engine, 1.6 litres – a strange solution. Farewell, dynamics. Everyone is ahead, perhaps, only a trolleybus is behind. Pressing the gas pedal harder does not help. Change your driving style into slow and in time – a new motto of the Sentra.

It is zero outside, and we are dressed in shirts and does not feel cold. Good point for the heating system of Nissan. The suspension lulls, the road surface does not annoy, there is no rolling.

Aggressive driving? No, ESP is right here. Our award for this – our saved money and petrol. It consumes 6.2 litres.

The Sentra has found its buyers in Russia – taxi companies treat it with respect:

  • roomy in the rear;
  • economical,117hp;
  • spacious boot;
  • looks like an expensive sedan;
  • not very expensive to rent.

Have you saved up for a new car? Are you sick of budget French and Russian cars? Go to the automobile sales centre and check it out, we are sure you will like it. Driving to the countryside, shop or to your friends in economical mode – it will cope with it 100%. Rare visits to the petrol station will become an envy from neighbours in the taxi park.

The Nissan Sentra – a good replacement to the awkward Tiida, it is a sedan for the older generation and taxi companies.

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