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Rent new crossover Nissan Juke Nismo RS

Rent new crossover Nissan Juke Nismo RS

It is unlikely you will find a crossover with sports elements, but the New Nissan Juke Nismo RS is one of them. A few drawbacks might spoil your impressions. Nissan cars are always available to rent at an affordable price

One can hardly meet crossovers with sports style elements, and the Nissan Juke is probably the only one.

Since its appearance it has won particular popularity and recently the Japanese manufacturers have presented its new version.

The exterior of the Juke Nismo RS meets the declared sports style, however, its design might seem rather controversial for some people. If the appearance has not aroused any negative emotions, they will probably appear when you look inside. The steering wheel is located on the "knees", which is not liked by everyone. The cabin can be hardly called roomy - a tall passenger at the front and the driver will not leave any space for those at the rear. Visibility is questionable, as well as the side mirrors and rear-view mirrors. However, all the drawbacks of the interior end at this point, the upholstery is high quality, the seats are comfy and the head-up display is informative and visible.

From the mentioned above one can come to a fair conclusion that you shouldn't rush to purchase this crossover. First, you need to get inside of the cabin and listen to your own feelings and it is even better to test it before handing in the money. Nissan rent will help you make a final decision.

However, when driving, the Juke Nismo RS will dispel your first negative impressions once and for all. A comfortable ride will vanish "a crush", an inconvenient location of the wheel and even bad visibility. The engine power (214hp compared to the predecessors increased by 14hp) is more than enough. Handling is responsive and it is easy to handle with aggressive manoeuvres — in sharp corners the car seems to dig the four rubber claws into the ground.No complaints about the brakes.

Rides on quality surfaces stir up unbelievable feelings, but rides on the broken terrain might leave opposite feelings. For example, it is unlikely someone will risk setting a record on pits and bumps with relatively low clearance. However, the sporty character and appearance of the Juke Nismo RS is more suitable for city jungles and freeways, not for wild nature and impassable jungles. For these extreme conditions people usually buy a proper SUV, by no means a crossover.

Besides the engine, there are other changes in exterior and interior of the car, and the clearance — decreased to 10mm (in total 170mm), and settings of the progressive transmission. The cost of the car is quite affordable for the class, quality and comfort — 1,813,000 roubles. Nissan rent is much cheaper – just a few thousands of roubles.

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