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Rental Mercedes-Benz A200 (W176) – a toy for adults

Rental Mercedes-Benz A200 (W176) – a toy for adults

Here's a review of the Mercedes-Benz A200 (W176) – an attractive car with a powerful engine. However, quality of finishing materials is poor, and the level of driving comfort is low. Rent a car to get to know this model better

Compact city cars become more and more popular every year. Consumers like these cars for their excellent maneuverability and small size. They are economical and comfortable for driving on city roads.

The Mercedes A-Class has all these advantages and its own pros. Let's rent a car to get to know this model better.


Fans of the previous A-Class that looked like a compact van were surprised when the W176 was released. However, it was a pleasant surprise. The design of the second-generation was a real eye-opener. It made us look at the Mercedes from a different angle. The A-Class W176 is a bright and spectacular model. The Germans managed to overcome their tendency to conservatism and produced an attractive hatchback that can be called considered a sports car. At the same time, you can easily recognize the A-Class Mercedes due to a large radiator grille with a huge logo of the brand and expressive body lines.


The interior is very cozy and attractive. The dashboard is equipped with large dials and unobtrusive blue backlight. Due to a multimedia display that is located above the center console, you won't feel bored during a long lasting trip. You can enjoy its colorful interface and an advanced audio system. However, there are a few disadvantages. For example, plastic on panels isn't always soft. It's supple to the touch on the top, but it's hard and cheap-looking at the bottom. Wide C-pillars and small rear view mirrors can't provide good visibility. Therefore, while driving, you will have to turn your head from side to side more often.

A driver's seat has a good configuration, but it's a bit narrow. Therefore, you might think that this car is only for slim women. The rear seat isn't spacious, too. If you're above 175cm, your knees will touch back of front seats. Moreover, the rear seat is suitable only for two passengers. The trunk is 341 liters, and it doesn't look small at all compared to the rear seat. It is quite suitable for shopping.

Driving characteristics

The Mercedes A200 is equipped with:

  • a 1.6-liter, 156bhp turbo engine;
  • a robotized 7-speed transmission.

The car's weight is 1320 kilograms. And the engine's capacity is enough for driving on city roads. Its dynamics won't disappoint you both on city roads and on highways. Thrust is evenly distributed all over the rev range; thereby there is good flexibility and a moment high-power effort. The robotized gearbox switches the gears quickly, but it confuses them and makes jerks sometimes.

Handling of the A-Class is magnificent. It seems it was designed for active maneuvers. There are no banks or rolls, and steering is informative and responsive. Of course, the hard suspension can't provide a high level of driving comfort, but its high-energy capacity prevents strong jolts and bumps while driving on some bumps.

Let's sum up

The Mercedes A200 is a mood car. It was designed for active driving, but when it comes to practicality, this model loses to its competitors of its class.


  • attractive design;
  • an excellent engine;
  • gambling handling;
  • cheap car rental.


  • imperfect visibility;
  • finishing materials;
  • jerking transmission;
  • low level of comfort.

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