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Rent car to travel to Vietnam

Rent car to travel to Vietnam

Traveling by rental car around Vietnam – an amazing and mysterious country with its own history. However, car rental is expensive here. But it's worth it! Make sure to visit this country to see beautiful lakes and small countrysides.

There is a well-developed road system in the country. In spite of different wars in the past, there are a lot of interesting tourist attractions to visit.

Rent a car without a driver

Renting is quite expensive. You should examine the car very thoughtfully before singing the renting agreement. To rent a car, you have to:

  • present an international driver's license;
  • pay a deposit by cash.

There are some traffic rules, but local drivers don't follow the rules at all. If a car driver gets into the accident with a bicycle or bike, he or she will be found guilty. Therefore, don’t drive fast in the cities. By the way, the top speed is 100kmph.

Прокат машины для путешествия по Вьетнаму

There is the Returned Sword lake in the center of Hanoi. The Turtle Temple, located on its islands, was named after gave the legend about the lake

The main square, where the independence of the country was proclaimed in 1945 was, is famous for the pagoda shaped a lotus. There are the Presidential Palace and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on the square. Both of these buildings were built by local craftsmen. Also, the capital of Vietnam is famous for the Water Puppet Theatre.

Прокат машины для путешествия по Вьетнаму

We moved from Hanoi to the south to visit Ho Chi Minh City. We stopped in Fanthete. The resort area was created on the Cape Mui Ne. Its main advantage is excellent sandy beaches. Due to high waves, you can kite.

After that, we moved away from the coast and went to the mountains to Dalat. It's located at an altitude of 1,500 meters. There are plenty of mountain lakes under the evergreen jungle. They are connected by rivers with waterfalls. The is the palace of the last emperor of Vietnam in the city. Also, you can visit the well preserved French quarter.

Прокат машины для путешествия по Вьетнаму

Then we came back to the coast to Nha Trang. There are the Po Nagar towers of the VI-VII centuries You can get more information about those times in the local museum. The main Buddhist temple is the Sean Long.

Then we drove to the Mekong Delta by the rental car . We had to take a boat to explore this city. There were a lot of floating markets and beautiful 'streets'.

Finally, we reached Ho Chi Minh City. The country was reunited in the former palace of the governor-general. Now, this is the Palace of Independence. Then we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral and Buddhist temples. The Vinh Nghiem is the most beautiful one.

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