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Kia Quoris: to rent or not to rent?

Kia Quoris: to rent or not to rent?

Review of the Kia Quoris – the first representative class car of the brand. The Korean manufacturers tried to put their model on par with the Mercedes and the BMW. The Kia Quoris is all about reliability, luxury and technology. Moreover, the model is equipped with the most advanced active safety systems.

Recently the Korean engineers presented the updated Kia Quoris. It’s a sport sedan with a powerful engine.

The first car presentation was at the beginning of 2015. Many experts and motorists appreciated this car. Some of them even took Kia for rent to evaluate its technical characteristics.


Exteriorly, it’s obvious that the engineers and designers applied new ideas and forms allowing the car to stand out from the crowd. All the pedestrians on the street will look at you.

In the front of the car, there is a large rectangular radiator grille. It increases the amount of air intake, so the power unit doesn’t overheat in summer. This factor is important for both beginners and experienced drivers. The headlights are LED. Due to this, the range and quality of illumination are increased. In the lower part of the bumper, there are fog lamps made with several LEDs. It allows you to drive at any time of the year, regardless of weather.

The large doors of the Kia Quoris have an unusual shape. You can open them at a large angle, so there is no problem with getting in. Drivers who like space will appreciate it. The wheels are alloy, so they are very light and durable. Rent the KIA and experience this for yourself. You should just go with your passport to the nearest rental office.

Getting in for the first time, you realise that this car has a rich history. Everything is made quite efficiently and flawlessly. On the dashboard:

  • standard speedometer;
  • tachometer;
  • different sensors.

These devices allow the driver to get the necessary information without being distracted from the road. A touch-screen display and a variety of buttons are located on the centre console. They have their functions: the driver can adjust the interior temperature, music volume and air supply. A person of any build feels comfortable in the cabin during long trips. There is also a small glove box where you can put notebooks, pens and so on.

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