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Hyundai Santa Fe rent: new or just improved?

Hyundai Santa Fe rent: new or just improved?

Test drive of the updated Hyundai Santa Fe: a comfortable and spacious crossover. The new model holds the road more confidently than the previous. However, handling is at the same low level. The driver needs to be careful at high speeds especially in corners.

The current generation of Hyundai Santa Fe arrived in the market in 2012. The three-year sales show that the South Korean crossover was a success.

Now it’s time to consolidate the success and release the updated version of theHyundai. The acquaintance with any updated model always starts with the question: “What’s the difference between this and the previous version?” In the case of Santa Fe, the answer isn’t easy.

The changes in the body (headlights, sills and a radiator grille) are noticeable only during direct comparison of the two generations. Finishing materials and control elements are updated in the cabin. Getting in the car is comfortable as it was. The rear seats have a lot of space for passengers.

The previous version was equipped with blue backlighting which caused a lot of criticism. It was partially changed with white colour in the new model. However, the switches on the dashboard are still blue.

The navigation system got an 8'' display. The system doesn’t support all the modern software, but it’s convenient to use due to the simple interface. The audio system doesn’t cause much delight. If you like high-quality sound, it’s better to change it.

Any crossover stays far from an SUV. The Santa Fe wasn’t designed for the wild, but it surely handles the country roads and deep potholes.

Customers can choose between two versions: with a petrol engine or turbodiesel. The petrol engine is 2.4-litre, its capacity is 171bhp, the maximum torque is 221Nm. According to its characteristics, the engine doesn’t seem too weak, but its ability is barely enough to drive in the city. High-spirited overtaking on the highways is out of the question. The fuel consumption is 14 litres per 100 km (not economical at all).

The turbocharged diesel engine makes the opposite impression. Its fuel consumption is 9 litres per 100 km, the capacity is 200bhp, the maximum torque is 440Nm.

The soft suspension and poor stability were the obvious drawbacks of the previous version. The updated Santa Fe holds the road more confidently and responds to bumps more adequately. However, the engineers ignored the satisfactory handling, so be careful in corners at high speeds. It’s better to rent a car for a day to evaluate its merits by yourself.

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