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What's better: to rent BMW 118i or to buy it?

What's better: to rent BMW 118i or to buy it?

The review of the capacious and fast BMW 118i hatchback. According to the owners' reviews, this model drinks a lot of petrol. Its price is also quite expensive, but it's worth it.

In recent years, hatchbacks became more and more popular. This's not surprising because such a vehicle allows the driver to get a lot of adrenaline while driving and to stand out from the grey mass.

The luxury BMW 118i easily copes with both these tasks, but its price isn't low. However, if you rent the BMW, you can see that the hatchback is worth every rouble of the 1,390,000 (price for the basic package).


At first glance, you realise that professional engineers worked on this model well. Everything is done very efficiently and flawlessly. The front part of the BMW has a standard radiator grille that is designed for the air transmission and to prevent the engine from overheating. So, you can drive even in the hot summer.

The LED headlights deserve special attention. The engineers improved the quality and range of illumination. Also, manufacturers claim that you can drive this model any time of the day and year. Moreover, the lower round lights look very attractive. They allow you to drive even in the morning mist.


If you look in the cabin of the BMW 118i, you will see high-quality leather and a lot of useful buttons. All of them are responsible for their own functions. For example, you can adjust the volume of music and air flow. Moreover, you can control a GPS-navigator, a climate control, and so on. There is a convenient dashboard that is equipped with unusual lighting. Due to this, all the information is easily readable.

The speedometer and tachometer have small wells. It's a standard for many car companies. The steering wheel has such an ideal form that you'll want to touch it all the time. There are also special buttons to adjust sound and air flow. In the centre of the steering wheel, there is the BMW emblem.

The lever of the gear box is to the right of the driver. The transmission works very well; there are no complaints at all. All gears are switched instantly without delays. A buyer can choose between several types of gearboxes and engines:

  • Eco-Pro
  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • Sport +

Due to this diversity, any driver can choose his or her favourite version.

We should talk more about the Eco-Pro version. It allows the driver to save a large amount of fuel. The only con is its acceleration and the engine's response to the pedal. When you push the pedal to stop, the engine doesn't start working immediately, it's a bit late.

You can rent BMW in Moscow in any car dealer.

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