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Rent car without driver to travel around Bashkortostan

Rent car without driver to travel around Bashkortostan

Traveling by rented car around Bashkortostan. Forests cover more than 40% of the republic, so it's better to rent a car to explore this place which is famous for its natural beauty. There are three nature reserves and two huge natural parks.

Bashkortostan is located in the southern Ural Mountains. This beautiful place won't leave anyone indifferent!

We made an interesting route for the round trip, loaded our luggage in the trunk, and started our journey from Moscow.

How to rent a car in Moscow

For a trip like this, you need a practical but inexpensive car. For example, the Skoda Yeti is well suited.

To rent a car, you need:

  • driver licence and passport;
  • credit card with a deposit amount (you also can pay by cash).
Прокат без водителя в Башкирию и обратно

Traffic rules, roads, and drivers' behaviour

Driving on Russian roads was comfortable because we knew all the rules and road signs. The speed limits are:

  • in the city – 60kmph
  • outside the city – 90kmph;
  • on the highways – 110kmph.

On the Russian roads, the drivers' behaviour is one of the most important things. If you are polite, drivers around you will be polite to you, too. On the highways, drivers are ready to help much more often than in the city.

We left Moscow at 5 am and headed to Vladimir. We visited the Golden Gate, the high bank of the Klyazma River, Assumption Cathedral and Church of the Dormition

Прокат без водителя в Башкирию и обратно

Then we drove to Nizhny Novgorod to visit local Kremlin and the embankment of the Volga River. After spending a few days in this cosy city, we moved to Kazan. We spent the whole day in this amazing and beautiful city. There are The Kazan Kremlin, The Kul Sharif Mosque, and The Annunciation Cathedral. We took a rest on the Riviera of Kazan, visited the Kazan Cat, and saw the carriage of Catherine the Great. We drove to Ufa through Naberezhnye Chelny.

Over the White River, there is the biggest equestrian monument in Russia, a monument of Salavat Yulaev. Then we drove to the Mosque-Medrese Lyalya-Tyulpan. It's one of Russia's largest mosques with 53-metre-tall twin minarets.

It should be noted that the local nature really impressed us. Along the Agidel River, we drove to Beloretsk. The shores of the Agidel River are beautiful. There are plenty rocks and grottos. The most famous grotto is the Shulgan-Tash with 3 kilometres of tunnels. Its walls were the "canvas" for the artists of the Palaeolithic times. The eponymous nature reserve is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve "South Ural". The main protected objects are the local landscapes covered with forests. A rare type of bee, wild-hive bee, lives here.

We moved from Beloretsk to the north the along the Ural Mountains. The driving was slow. We couldn't just look away from the breath-taking local landscapes! We even stopped taking photos because the camera's memory was full.

We reached the northern borders of the republic, turned back around, and drove to the Bashkiria National Park. It was created to preserve the local forests and natural habitat of the local animals: rabbits, badgers, martens, weasels, polecats, otters, squirrels, elks, deer, lynx, wolves, foxes, and bears. In the local rivers, there are pike fish, trout, pike perches and grayling.

Прокат без водителя в Башкирию и обратно

By horse or foot, you can easily reach the Bear Glade, the Kutukov-Sumgait Tract, and the Kuperlya karst bridge.

The Bashkiria National Park was the culminating point of our journey. Then we turned back.

Before moving to Moscow, we visited the largest lake of the republic, Aslykul Lake. It's surrounded by mountains, and it was formed because rains and groundwater filled the giant karst failure. Its water is a bit salted and highly mineralised.

Then we drove to Samara where the tallest European building of the train station is located. Its architectural design is very impressive. Of course, we didn't forget to drive and then walk along the embankment of the Volga River. This is a tradition of all the tourists.

Make sure to visit the Samara Bend in Zhiguli. It covers most of the peninsula formed by the 180-degree bend of the Volga River.

After crossing the Volga River, we reached Syzran. There is the only one Kremlin in the Samara region. Also, there is a mosque for local Muslims. In Syzran, there is the Tyazhmash factory which provides the mining plants in Russia and dozens of foreign countries with the unique cars.

Then the "poetry" part of our route started. We visited Penza, the Tarkhany estate, and Lermontov's grave. Then we drove by our rented car to Konstantinovo. It's located on the high right bank of the Oka River, 43 km north-west of Ryazan. This place is famous for the State Museum of S. Esenin.

Finally, we returned to Moscow to create a new exciting journey in the near future!

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