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Car rental without driver to explore Estonia

Car rental without driver to explore Estonia

Traveling around Estonia by rental car. Estonia looks like one big resort with different hotels and spa centres. The main resorts are located on the coast. Driving in the country is safe and comfortable due to the good roads and friendly locals.

The main tourist attraction in the country is Tallinn. Moreover, there are a lot of spa centres in Estonia.

Residents like technical sports. You can have an unforgettable trip around Estonia if you rent a car.

Car rental without a driver

Car rental companies are available in all the main cities. to get a car, you have to present:

  • international driver's licence;
  • funds for a deposit.

Rules and roads

Traffic rules are common. Speed limits are standard:

  • in the city – up to 50kmph;
  • outside the city – 90kmph;
  • on highways – 110kmph.
Прокат без водителя для поездки по Эстонии

Locals are quite disciplined on roads, but they like to race on weekends.

We started our journey around Estonia from Tallin. Its old town was formed during the XI-XVI centuries when the city played an important role among Baltic ports.

The Dome Cathedral of the XII century is impressive due its acoustics. The organ sounds like it's from heaven. Moreover, there is the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. However, the symbol of Tallinn is the Church of St. Olaf of the XIII century. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest building in the world.

On the Toopemaa hill, there is the castle of the XIII century, which now works as the country's parliament.

The Old Town is surrounded by a 4-kilometre fortress wall of the XIV century. One of its symbols is a broad and squat "Fat Margaret tower. City guards could see from the high Kick-in-de-Keck tower what was cooking for a dinner in different houses. One of the preserved samples of Hanseatic merchant houses is the Three Sisters complex.

The upper and lower parts of the city are connected with two related streets – Long Leg and Short Leg.

We moved from Tallinn to Haapsalu. The road wasn't long, and we stopped on the coast to enjoy the sea for a few times.

The Bishop's Castle of the XIII century is the most interesting attraction in the city. According to the legend, the White Lady ghost lives in this church. These days, there is a museum in the castle with a unique collection of medieval weapons. Moreover, make sure to enjoy a great panoramic view from the tower.

Прокат без водителя для поездки по Эстонии

Haapsalu is a wellness centre, where we took a few spa procedures in the local mud baths. The Spa Hall was built in the XIX century. It’s a wooden building with luxurious carvings.

Haapsalu is known for its show of legendary American cars. It takes place around the castle every year.

Then we moved to the largest island in Estonia, Saaremaa. In Kuressaare, there is Episcopal Castle which is preserved without any changings since its construction in the XIII century. We drove to Kaali to see a large impact crater. Apparently, this is traces of a large "celestial stone" because there are several smaller craters close to it. Moving to the north of the island, we reached the windmill museum which can be launched t any time if it's necessary.

We moved from the museum to the Clif Panga coast. You can enjoy views of the Baltic Sea from this 20-metre coast. In ancient times, sacrifices were made here.

We finished our tour around Saaremaa with driving on the rally highway.

After coming back from the island, we drove to Parnu. The local castle is one of the few urban buildings which have preserved from the medieval times. Around the city, there were a lot of castles to protect the Estonian coast, but now these are severely damaged. Due to the Paide Castle, locals could control the main part of Estonia. The Lihula Castle had white stone walls which make it look very romantic. These days, there are only ruins of the walls. The Old-Pärnu Castle in the city is also ruined.

Прокат без водителя для поездки по Эстонии

We were also interested in the ring Raceway in Pärnu. Stages of the championship of Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries are held here.

Then we returned to Tallinn to see other Estonia's landscapes. Rent a car without a driver to explore the beautiful country.

In the capital, we visited the 300-year-old Kadriorg Park. There is a palace of the residence of Russian emperors, which was built in the early XVIII century.

Our last trip was to the city singing field. Festivals which are in the UNESCO list take place here.

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