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Car rental to visit Crimea in the spring

Car rental to visit Crimea in the spring

Traveling around Crimea in the spring – an unforgettable journey for the whole family. Locals are friendly, and traffic rules are Russian. Make sure to visit local beaches and small, cozy cities.

This is a very beautiful journey. In the spring, Crimea blooms. In the summer, everything will be covered with dust, and Crimea won't look so bright and colorful.

Car rental

When there are no tourists, it’s easy to rent a car in Simferopol. To rent a car, you have to:

  • present your passport and driver's license;
  • present a credit card or pay a deposit.
Прокат автомобилей в весеннем Крыму

Traffic rules are Russian. There are 'patches' on roads, but they are still suitable for driving.

We drove west from Simferopol. Our goal was the Cape Tarhankut. The road passes through Yevpatoria. We drove along the coast to see giant antennas of the Center for Deep Space Communication.

Then we drove to the desert to see poppy. There are plenty of these red flowers.

Finally, we reached a rocky promontory on the westernmost point of the Crimean Peninsula. The water looks bluer here. After spending the night in the Black Sea, we moved to Sevastopol to start a tour around the south coast of Crimea.

After passing Yevpatoria, we turned to the coastal roads and drove through Nikolaevka and the Alma river. These places are famous for the war in 1855. We reached the base of the Black Sea Fleet. We selected this route in order to bypass the whole North Bay.

Прокат автомобилей в весеннем Крыму

After a short break on the Primorsky Boulevard, we continued our journey around the most beautiful part of the Crimea.

Bright green plants make the Crimea look more expressive. In the spring, you can enjoy blooming flowers. Driving along the coast, we can see the blooming mountain range and the sea.

Also, we visited Gaspra and Swallow's Nest. These places look very impressive in the spring.

Прокат автомобилей в весеннем Крыму

Our next stop was the Nikitsky botanical garden. It was a culmination of our trip to Crimea.

After Yalta, the main road goes from the coast to the mountains. We drove to Sudak to see New World and walk along the path through the juniper.

Then we drove to Koktebel. It was getting ready for next invasion of hang-gliding enthusiasts.

We finished our journey in Feodosia. Then we drove on the main highway enjoying the beautiful views of local forests and came back to Simferopol where we had taken our rental car without a driver.

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