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Going to Peterhof by a rented car

Going to Peterhof by a rented car

To see everything with your own eyes, go on an exciting trip by a rented car.

Luxurious Peterhof is located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The former summer residence of Peter the Great became a symbol of successful conquests in the Baltic direction.

In addition to the magnificent palace and the fountains, some other attractions of the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland are also referred to Peterhof.

To see everything with your own eyes, go on an exciting trip by a rented car.

Car rental in the capital

Посещение Петергофа на арендованном автомобиле

It will take you about 9 hours to cover the distance between Moscow and Peterhof. Many tourists make use of rental services for comfortable trips across Russia. Even those, who have their own cars, prefer to choose a more suitable vehicle for travelling.

The advantages of the service are obvious:

  • The client receives the desired model of a car with an air conditioner, an on-board computer and other useful equipment;

  • There is no need to worry about undergoing MOT tests: all rental cars are in good repair with proper seasonable tires;

  • If some problems emerge, you can always contact the support team.

All the rented cars have a third party liability insurance, as well as a fully comprehensive automobile insurance, and are fully fuelled.

Посещение Петергофа на арендованном автомобиле

Sights of Peterhof

The first attraction that is recommended for visiting is the small Monplaisir Palace. This building, erected in the Dutch style, is the only one preserved in its original form since the time of Peter the Great. The museum exhibits personal belongings of the sovereign. Near the Monplaisir Palace some ancient oaks grow. According to a legend, they were planted by the great emperor. Another interesting construction is the Sea Terrace with the statue of Neptune.

The Upper Chambers and the Marli Palace were rebuilt under the leadership of Rastrelli in a later period, this is how a palace, called the Great Peterhof, emerged.

The most famous sights of Peterhof are positioned in the form of several cascades.

  • The Grand Cascade runs from the Peterhof Palace to the Lower Gardens. It ends with the Samson Fountain and the picturesque Sea Channel.

  • The Chess or Dragon Mountain has an entrance to the grotto, on its top the statues of dragons are placed.

  • The Golden Mountain. When you scale the golden steps with the statues of antique gods, located on both sides, you will come to the Palace of Marli and a charming fish pond.

  • The Lion Cascade is located near the Hermitage. An impressive marble colonnade is decorated with vases with flowing streams of water.

Посещение Петергофа на арендованном автомобиле

All the cascades, except for the Lion Cascade, use their natural topography for the placement of the structures – the slope of the coast to the sea. The large-scale system of ponds and fountains (and their amount comprises about 170) has been working for 300 years without fail. The author of this project is Vasily Tuvolkov.

The Upper Gardens, the Lower Gardens and the Alexandrine Park are quiet places for taking a walk. They are decorated with various fountains and sculptures.

The Colonist Garden there has two beautiful islets, on which pavilions, similar to the ancient Roman buildings, have been constructed.

Visit the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul to see the magnificent scenery of Peterhof from above. An amazing view opens from its colonnade.

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