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Portugal–Spain–Portugal by Car

Portugal–Spain–Portugal by Car

A fascinating journey on the picturesque Spanish and Portuguese roads.

To travel to Europe, you first must get a Schengen visa and sel ect the destination. This article is about a journey on the Spanish and Portuguese roads. The return airtickets from St. Petersburg to Lisbon for 2 persons cost about 25,000 roubles. A three-star hotel in the city center – around 4 euros.

Car Rental in Portugal

We ordered a car in advance, so it was waiting for us at the airport. Last August, the rental price was 16,000 roubles. The vehicle operation was calculated for 11 days. So on arrival, we got a hatchback Ford Focus.

It should be noted that almost all the cars are diesel with a manual transmission in Portugal. Our car was the same too. After registering the car, we paid 35 euros for the insurance and 15 euros to use the toll highways. Moreover, we got a special device for the windshield, which deducted money while driving on the toll highways with no contact. If money was over, the count is replenished like with your mobile phone. To fill the full tank cost about 95 euros.

The first day, we reached Sintra (a suburb of Lisbon). But it was difficult to disperse on such narrow streets in the capital. So we left the car and went to see the sights.

На автомобиле в направлении Португалия-Испания-Португалия

Insurance of Rental Car

Coming back, we saw a scratch on the side. Not just a small scrape, it was a big peeled paint and a large scratch on half of the car. Our mood fell down – nobody likes problems on the first day. We called the rental company and they asked: «Can the car keep moving? Is the damage less than 2,000 euros?» We said «yes» and they replied: «If nothing terrible happened, keep travelling – the car is insured.»

From Portugal to Spain by Сar

After a few days, we decided to go to Spain. The central roads in Portugal are paid by toll. You are allowed to drive only at 120kmph, but everyone drives at 140-150kmph. Sometimes even 200kmph. There is no camera to monitor the overspeeding, so the 350 km flew by as fast as possible – in 2.5 hours. The quality of paving is very high and there are at least two lanes in one direction. Basically, the roads are three-row.

Parking in Spain

In Spain, parking is calculated per hour. Thus, a place in a parking lot costs around 12 euros for less than a day. To park for more than a day, you have to pay 34 euros. So, it's cheaper to leave the parking lot and come back again after some time.

On Spanish Roads to Portugal

Driving on Spanish roads, we didn't pay any toll. But in Portugal there were some paid parts on the roads. We had a remote payment, so it was not a problem for us. On the paid part we went to a no barrier lane and drove at 70kmph.

Driving in Portugal, we visited a lot of tourist attractions. On the way to Lisbon, we visited the fortress Obidos, then Coimbra, Porto and Tomar.

На автомобиле в направлении Португалия-Испания-Португалия

Advantages of Traveling By Car and Tips

After such a successful trip, we'd like to advise travelling by car to everyone. It's total freedom – you don't depend on organisers. Moreover, a trip by car is cheaper than with a tour operator.

There are no boundaries between these two countries. You can seamlessly drive in both directions – nobody stops you. We saw the road police only once – they were monitoring car speeds.

The police is loyal to small violations. Also they are always ready to help and prompt the right direction.

A few days after the trip, we got a notice of withdrawal of money for the toll highways and fuel.

Enjoy your trip!

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