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Rental car to travel to Morocco

Rental car to travel to Morocco

Traveling to Morocco by rental car – an amazing journey to this unique country. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and local attractions that are worth to visit. traffic rules in Morocco are easy, but be careful on roads because local drivers often break the rules.

There are the best roads in the continent in this country is in the northwest of Africa. It's easy to travel around this country by rental car.

Traffic and renting

Traffic rules in Morocco are similar to Russian. However, speed limits are stricter:

  • in settlements – 50kmph;
  • outside settlements – 80kmph; on highways – 100kmph.
По Марокко на арендованной машине

There are toll roads, and parking is pre-paid. If you park near a private house, you have to pay its owner. You don't have to turn on lights even when at night, but your speed should be up 20kmph. So, it's better to stay in a hotel at night.

To rent a car, you need to:

  • be between 21 and 70 years old;
  • have at least a year of driving experience.

You aren't allowed to travel to neighboring countries by the rental car. However, there is no need to travel abroad – there are enough interesting tourist attractions in Morocco.

По Марокко на арендованной машине

Local tourist attractions

The Moroccan capital, Rabat, is known for a palace of the king, Al-Mansour, and Hassan Tower that height is 55 m.

Beaches in Morocco are one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. You can spend an unforgettable holiday on the Agadir beach or quiet Tifnit. In Essavira, you can sunbathe, swim, and even surf due to high waves.

You can reach Toubkal National Park in a few hours from any point of the coast. From November to April, you can go skiing in the Atlas Mountains after sunbathing on the beaches.

По Марокко на арендованной машине

Make sure to visit mountain villages of Berbers that preserve its ancient way of life. Berbers' buildings were individually or common house-fortresses that included a few farmsteads. Brick or sandstone walls around houses were crowned with towers located at four corners.

Taroudant attracts a lot of art lovers because there is a house-museum of Claudio Bravo, an artist, who was Chilean-born. The museum was established in 2011 after Bravo's death. This place isn't widely known, but Bravo's portraits, still life, and landscapes are very popular. Central London auctions sell his paintings for a million dollars each or even more.

Attractions in other Moroccan cities are also interesting and unusual. In Casablanca, an ancient village, there is the famous Hassan II mosque. Fez is known for Blue Gate. Royal residences are also located in Marrakesh and Meknes.

However, any holiday comes to an end. We washed our rental car, refueled the trunk, and returned the car. Then we flew back to Russia.

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