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Pros and cons of rental Ford Edge crossover

Pros and cons of rental Ford Edge crossover

The review of the Ford Edge crossover – a spacious and comfortable car for daily use. It's equipped with a powerful engine and an automatic transmission. Rent or buy the Ford to experience all its advantages.

Ford decided to compete with mid-size crossovers such as the BMW X3, Toyota Venza, KIA Sorento, and other SUVs.

Can the American car oust its opponents? Let’s rent a car to draw our own conclusion.


The Edge looks like as a typical American car. It has smooth lines of the body, massive bumpers, and simple exterior. Compared to its European, Japanese, and Korean competitors that try to attract consumers by LED optics and muscular lines, the Ford doesn’t try to be better than it is. This is a brutal and respectable car. Besides the nice headlights and huge, chrome radiator grille, there is nothing else interesting. The geometric cross is good. The front overhang is very low that makes ascent or descent from a slope impossible.


The Ford’s cabin isn’t designed very well. The wide center console with silver and gray plastic inserts, speedometer, and tachometer with a white font on the black background look very old-fashion. The small center screen of the multimedia system is also old-fashioned. The air conditioning system is organized is illogical and disorderly (center heating, ventilation, etc.), so a driver will be distracted while driving. The quality of finishing materials is good. The American company decorated the car’s interior with soft plastics and high-quality leather. The panels fit properly, so they don’t creak while driving.

Driving performance

The Ford Edge is quipped with:

  • a V6, 3.5-liters, 288bhp atmospheric engine (torque is 343Nm);
  • a 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • an all-wheel drive.

Despite the impressive capacity, it covers 0-100kmph in 7.7 seconds. The top speed is 178kmph. However, this is enough for driving in the city and on highways. The automatic transmission shifts the gears smoothly and quickly.

Handling of the Ford is also excellent. In corners, there are small banks, and the diagonal buildup is small. Stability of the arc changes with the demolition of the front axle. But you can press the pedal to avoid it. The level of comfort is average. Stiff suspension can’t provide smooth driving, so you might feel vibrates while driving on bad roads. But this disadvantage is compensated by high-quality soundproofing. Even while driving at 180kmph, you won’t hear any aerodynamic noise.


The Ford Edge can’t surprise the consumer with sophisticated design and innovative solutions, but this car is comfortable. It has a spacious interior and good driving performance. Rent or buy the Ford to experience all its advantages.

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