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Opel Astra OPC: Style and Speed

Opel Astra OPC: Style and Speed

One of the most anticipated premiers — the New Opel Astra OPC is rather attractive and dynamic based on the Astra GTC platform.

The Opel Astra OPC was one of the most anticipated premiers in 2012. We first got acquainted with the novelty at the Geneva Car Show. A couple of months later, the car arrived to official Russian dealers.

Features and "Filling"

Using the well-proven platform of the Astra GTC as its base, the vehicle looks rather attractive and dynamic. Moreover, the hatchback got a few interesting design and technical improvements.

The body looks particularly appealing in the updated design. Imaginary air intakes, stylishly located on the edges of the fairing, complete the visual effect. The aerodynamic dodger, spoiler, side skirts and first-class 19-inch (20-inch) wheels on low-profile tyres additionally indicate the hatchback's sporty character.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of colours for the body. Gamma shades includes eight colours, each making the car look fantastic.

The dimensions of the car fully comply with the well-known Astra GTC. The vehicle is 446.6 cm long, 184 cm wide, and not higher than 148.2 cm. Its small clearance (13.5 cm) will make you carefully overcome obstacles like «speed bumps».

Technical Details

The Opel Astra OPC boasts one of the most powerful engines in its class. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine has a power output of 280 bhp; the maximum torque easily reaches 400 Nm.

It covers 0-100 kmph in 6 seconds; the maximum speed is 250 kmph.

The car has a modern FlexRide system, which includes a mechanical differential, as well as an additionally reinforced Brembo brake system, that provides a good indicator of the braking distance on any road surface. The front suspension uses struts manufactured by HiPerStrut. Using the special knuckle, lateral axial tilt reduces by 44%, the structs stay in a fixed position. The tyre to road contact increases several times, positively affecting the handling.

The rear part of the suspension is a semi-independent device with Watt's mechanism, but slightly modified. In particular, it has stiffer springs than in the standard Opel Astra.

With the 6-speed manual transmission, you feel the car even better.

You can customise the suspension and steering by yourself, making the car more tenacious and aggressive in the corners or giving preference to soft suspension for casual driving.


Opel has done their best on the interior. As before, the two large and pleasant dial gauges are in the center of the dashboard. All the main settings and additional control options compactly sit on the centre console.

Seats are comfortable "buckets" with good lateral support and a low location. The steering wheel is very convenient and perfectly fits in your palm. You can adjust the seat in 18 position. To support thighs and waist, there is a special electric drive for rollers.

Packages and Prices

Opel offers a wide range of additional options. The Design package costing 25 thousand roubles includes special sports side skirts, dodger and spoiler. In addition, it will have LED elements installed in the head optics.

If you want to equip the car with qualitative xenon and different sensors, order the Performance package costing 45 thousand roubles. There are other optional add-on's, which the buyer would have to shell out a "tidy sum" for.

Prices for the standard hatchback start from 1.165 million roubles.

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