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Opel and Chevrolet leaving Russian market

Opel and Chevrolet leaving Russian market

Why are popular brands of cars leaving the Russian market? What has influenced their decision?

Recently it has become known about the stop of Opel and Chevrolet sales in Russia. Such a decision was the result of sales reduction at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. It is expected that Opel will leave completely. By the end of the year they are planning to close the plant in St. Petersburg. The Kaliningrad Avtotor stopped assembling in February. Chevrolet have decided to leave only premium class cars — the Corvette, Camaro, Tahoe. GAZ will have finished the assembly of other models by the end of the year.

GM-Avtovaz, a joint project with AvtoVAZ, are planning to continue to work. But the plan to build the plant to produce the second generation Niva Chevrolet has already been stopped.

As for Cadillac of General Motors, it is known that these cars will continue to be sold in Russia. The company has decided to focus on sales of premium class cars of Cadillac and Chevrolet. The restructing of the dealer network will have finished by the end of the year. The company assures that maintenance service and spare parts for the cars which are no longer produced will be available.

Opel produced 6 models for our market:

The Astra - hatchback (3 and 5 doors), station wagon and sedan; the Insignia – hatchback, station wagon, sedan and Country Tourer; the crossovers Mokka and Antara; the minivans Zafira and Meriva. There were sports models such as the Insignia OPC and Astra GTC.

Chevrolet produced the Aveo both sedan and hatchback, the Spark, the Cruze (station wagon, hatchback, sedan), the Malibu, the Cobalt, the crossovers TrailBlazer and Captiva, and the minivan Orlando.

Russian Plants produced most models of General Mototrs. The Kaliningrad Plant produced the Chevrolet Aveo, Opel Zefira, Meriva and Insignia. The Captiva and Chevrolet Cruze, opel Antara, Astra and Mokka wereproduced at the St. Petersburg Plant. The Chevrolet Niva was produced in Toliatti.

Opel and Chevrolet promise to continue to provide service, fulfil warranty and sell spare parts for their cars.

European Business Association showed the statistics, according to which the level of sales of Chevrolet and Opel cars in Russia began to fall at the end of 2013. Although the final figures for Opel at the end of the year was at the same level. At the same time the sales of Chevrolet cars decreased by 15 % two years ago. Last year the level of sales of both brands began to go down considerably. In 2014 only Opel managed to stay at the same level, but only in November. The figures were disappointing for both brands in 2014: Opel sales went down by 20 % and Chevrolet by 29 %.

The beginning of 2015 was unsuccessful for both brands: the sales of Chevrolet reduced by 68 % and Opel by 75 % in January. In February Opel – by 80 %, Chevrolet – 70 %. As a result, only Niva Chevrolet is still sold in Russia and Opel cars have disappeared from the 25 top cars in Russia.

Recently, GM-Avtovaz has stopped its project in Samarskaya region. They were planning to produce the Chevrolet Niva at this plant. According to the press service of GM-Avtovaz, the company terminated the contract with Avtozavodstroy. They also refused to explain their decision. Currently, the company management is examining the consequences and how they can affect the dates of Chevrolet Niva launch.

At the same time their official dealers were not informed about the end of sales.

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