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Review and hire new Ford Fiesta

Review and hire new Ford Fiesta

The review of the compact Ford Fiesta B-class. It’s a spacious and comfortable car with excellent handling on straight roads. The main drawback is factory tyres which aren’t the best quality. It can cause some problems while turning corners. However, the car has a competitive advantage in its design and equipment.

The only one thing that spoils the impression of the new Fiesta is its tyres. All the models are equipped with the domestic, factory tyres "Kama Euro". Their quality leaves much to be desired.

Because of the tyres, the stability is weak: there is a serious risk of losing control in corners. In addition, they make a terrible noise and negates the sound-proofing. Therefore, it’s better to set normal tyres after purchase. Hire Ford Fiesta and estimate all the pros and cons before buying.

In general, the novelty pleases customers. Compared to other budget cars, the new Fiesta looks fresh and bright. The new design of the front is good. Other Ford models have the same design. What about body types? The sedan is added to the usual hatchback. However, it looks a bit disproportionate. The hatchback is definitely more appealing than the sedan but more expensive. The basic packages cost 599,000 and 525,000 roubles respectively.

Many drivers like the interior of this car. There are nice seats although the landing isn’t convenient. The excellent soft plastic isn’t typical for this price range. There is also an unusual console and beautiful dashboard.

The car has a competitive advantage not only in design but also in the equipment: LED running lights, SYNC multi-system and automatic brakes. Unfortunately, many options are available only in the top package (from 749,000 roubles). The basic package is equipped with only two airbags, front and rear power windows and electric door mirrors. Air conditioning is optional – 35,000 roubles.

The Russian version has the following differences: heated windscreen and side mirrors, heated front seats, reinforced suspension and increased ground clearance (16.7 cm). The engine can use 92 petrol.

The 1.6-litre engine is available in three versions: 85bhp, 105bhp and 125bhp. Acceleration is quite cheerful, but electronics don’t let the car accelerate after 140kmph. Handling is excellent, almost no build-up. The car drives confidently on straight roads.

The Fiesta is equipped with two types of transmission: a 5-speed manual transmission and a robotized Powershift. The Powershift was known for its drag, but now it’s improved. The gearbox works well and allows the engine to show its full force.

Due to its advantages, the new Fiesta has a chance to oust competitors in the budget segment. The main drawback is factory tyres. However, hiring the Ford Fiesta will be in great demand.

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